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Another week, it feels like Spring has already arrived where I live, so mild for the time of year… it’s frightening how this year (to me, at least) has raced along! & I’m so so busy elsewhere outside of writing this blog or the websites… that I hate neglecting this place for a moment so I hope you bear with me as I am now also trying to juggle planning another film shoot, getting new models and locations sorted and this is just SOOOOOOOO time consuming… the downside, I’m afraid, that  lots of you would fail to realise takes so much preparation. But of course when we do film, that’s when I feel it’s all worth while and I have a lot of fun, lots of laughs and we usually film some great content (I hope). I’m hoping the next location comes off and the new girl I have in mind is good to go!

Liked that? It’s a full on 20 minutes of hard over the knee spanking! So, as you’ve guessed,  I will feature some galleries from Pandora’s excellent spanking site – Dreams of Spanking – that I have not given my time to showing. It’s not for want of trying, I just have not had the time to write about it, you’ll no doubt recognise it straight away (I felt it was pretty pointless doing an in depth review since other bloggers have done so already, but am happy to do one if you guys send me a comment or 6, as it is indeed worthy of one!) – So as they have put a lot of effort together with some very decent promotional content… (I know, as I do the same) then check out more galleries below which help explain some of her site’s great work thus far! It’s a site I’d heartily recommend (all memberships so far are NON recurring) and there’s also a 5 day taster membership option which is cool, since it’s a new site… and content is understandably less than more established sites, but the rate of updates ensures there’s plenty to see during the week, it’s all excluisve and some of the stuff filmed you just won’t see Pandora film for anyone else and it’s all added on a very regular basis so far! (Hmm, starting to sound like a review, eh?) Just click on images below and let the galleries and pictures decide for you!):



Please do go check out the site tour pages HERE as they offer more insight than I can offer and will do it more justice than me prattling on here late before I am due to drop off to sleep! Pandora dreams of spanking – Do you? This is a site 4 or 5 years in the making and is now available online for your perusal… Have a good evening, everyone! Regards, Chief

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