Playing Catch Up Part 2

As promised, here is part 2 of my catch up spankings updates…

From there is a brand new film which contains some great genres of POV from the viewer’s own perspective. This longer clip depicts how you are listening to noises coming from downstairs… it sounds like something familiar, yes… spanking noises, that unmistakable “whack whack smack” sound that you know well. Your heart beats faster… someone is being punished in the Living Room!!! Then you hear a familiar voice, your mother. Oh my… she is scolding your sister after school! This is where the clip starts and you peer through the creaky door that you need to hold carefully as it tends to open and you would feel rather foolish caught peeping at this spectacle.

spying001 spying002 spying003 spying004

You know what it feels like but you can’t help but feel superior to your sister… she is being punished and you are not. Let’s get something clear, this film is far from sexually or deliberately explicit, Ella’s panties are barely pulled down (she’s also in school uniform) and she is being spanked in a more authentic way than would be normally filmed… you certainly won’t see her breasts or pussy in this film… however, to pique your interest, Ella’s panties were ┬ápulled down far enough so we, the viewers, could see her bare bottom reddening before our eyes whilst she was being spanked… after all, we are all spankos and this is a spanking blog writing about spanking!

spying SpyingOnElla

So getting back to the POV perspective, this is from YOUR eyes, remember? … imagine you are intrigued and fascinated by what you are watching but then you are discovered and Mother (played by Aleesha Fox) is furious… she is so mad with you that you are called into the room! Ella is still draped over her lap, her red bottom still on show but Mother is so angry that YOU are going to get a spanking… but first you are told to watch the end of Ella’s punishment and you will be next! This makes you feel uncomfortable… she is looking straight at you as her hand comes down hard on sobbing Ella’s backside – this makes you even more nervous. “Shit!” You think – “why did I have to be so nosey?” – At the end of her punishment you are quickly told to take a look at her sore behind before she is told to cover up quickly and get to her room – Ella┬áruns off in shame and as this long clip ends… Aleesha is beckoning you to take your position over her lap. YOUR turn!!! Imagine the dread – this was all your own doing!

Aleesha Fox spying006 femdom POV aching red arse sore red bum sent to bed early scolding

You might also notice there is an interactive text included in the 2 way dialogue which YOU can use and talk or answer back to Aleesha with when she is questioning you… this style has been pioneered by this POV store only as far as I know – and there has been much positive feedback over it from the feedback comments and of course I have helped film several customs too with satisfied customers getting a personal clip with exactly what they asked for – repeat custom says it all. You would be surprised, they do not cost that much, all clips are priced from $12/minute regardless but in order to cover any model fee and editing a minimum of 10 minutes would need to be ordered. That’s it! To discuss this send a feedback comment located at the button at the top of the page and include your email address so either I or Sarah Gregory can reply back to you.

pov spanking

At POV Spanking – sometimes more work is done than often necessary, or over-thought, but I think you’d deserve more than simply having a model (not into this genre of spanking at all) setting up a tripod and scolding for the sake of it calling you a “naughty boy” without the full implications of what she is really saying… which a lot of the POV style spanking films seem to be unfortunately (without any such spankings). Of course not all of them are like that and there are some very good ones too which is the variety that makes C4S so cool. I have always said this is a long term project and it is difficult to get right sometimes with camera angles being so close and it has been accepted that some compromises have now had to be made when it comes to actual POV footage of OTK spanking if you are viewing this as the spankee… it’s not true POV but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to look at floor carpet constantly where my eyes might be – so in future I know that the sides of the legs can be shown and from feedback I know you guys will hold a spanker’s legs (personally I don’t – but more on that another time LOL).

over the knee spanking

See what this clip & many other POV spanking styles explored are all about
CLICK HERE for the full list of available HD film clips



In other news, one of my spanking Bucket Lists was to appear on and on my recent visit to Los Angeles I got to check that one off and appear on it as one of the disgruntled “customers” of these sleazy gorgeous girls n hoes! This time it was actually with Sarah Gregory – but what I liked about this was that we had not either roleplayed or done anything like this together in private or on film so it was a first for us. The Cameraman was also super laid back and I liked his style of filming a lot. I admit we had a hectic film schedule when I was on the West Side which I should have told you about already but you’ll get this little bit now… filming a lot can make you a teensy weensy bit tetchy at times. Today was not one of those as He had a few scenes in mind, I did 3 for 3 of the Fonda Sites and I also worked with another great girl (but I will only tell you today about what is currently out!).

Sarah Gregory and John Osborne

Sarah Gregory spanked for haggling…

groping her breasts extras003 extras004 extras005

This scene was interesting as Sarah played a real bratty and money grabbing callgirl that would charge me to touch her hair or face or, basically anything on top of the pricey fee… like stupid American pricing (from this Brit’s eyes) that sees $100 and forgets that there is SALES TAX on top – which I find incredibly INFURIATING!!! Why not include the figure as a whole and say $108 or whatever the damned tax happens to be? Grrr! Anyway, Sarah tells me that there are extras which I am not happy about and when I mention Veronica Ricci, she gets mad as Veronica didn’t mess me around with this nonsense! (There is history between these 2 characters which you will see develop in time, I am told!)

panties pulled down for a spanking otk spanking extras008 Sarah Gregory OTK hairbrush spanking spanked hard on her bare bottom

So of course I offer Sarah the chance to earn some extra Bucks if she is so inclined but I make her earn it by doing some of my own extras… offering her extra cash to thrash and spank her instead! She sees the $$$ signs and can’t resists! Oops! Wrong call… I teach her a lesson with a very sore bottom and use a heavy hairbrush on her too (which is rare). She earned those extras alright, he he!

inspecting the cost of a hard spanking

You can see this new film at one of my fave Fonda Sites –

Or view this site as part of the Top rated 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass
Up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost



Also don’t forget that THE Spanking Party of Texas by those who KNOW how to run a good party is being held at the end of May… between 28th and 31st (to be precise). Sarah & I will be there, of course… I am really looking forward to this event and the website will be filling up with news, color and all manner of banners and goodness very soon, but you can register and sign up so that you can book your rooms and (in many cases suites are selling fast and EXTRA have been ordered… such is the demand.) I have seen the hotel venue online and been told by Sarah how good it is and for the special price – you can NOT go wrong which is why so many suites have been taken so far!!! Hotel details are only given once paid registration is complete and it takes up to a few days (usually much quicker) to process that and then make sure you hold onto your 10 Gallon Hats – as it’s going to be a fun event! All the spanking parties are great fun with like minded kinky people, this will also be my first visit to Texas, I’m so looking forward to it.

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