My Amusing & Sexy Images of the day

2 retro pics and 2 very sexy pics of my favourite thing, a girl’s pert toned buttocks.

Here are 2 retro magazine ads, I’m sure some of you will be aware of them.
They are just so far out of place in today’s society!
I love the spanking ad for coffee! Then the cigarette ad!!! How demeaning is that nowadays?
Blow smoke in my face & I’ll floor you! LOL

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You can click on the pics and they will enlarge if you wish to keep them.
Check out these 2 great pics below, the bicycle pic I’ve had on my hard drive for god knows how long!

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Imagine spanking those butts, OMG!!!! I have serious wood…heh heh!   😉

3 thoughts on “My Amusing & Sexy Images of the day

  1. Brad

    That last girl Chief? Amazing bottom, yes, would love to spank her! Nice size and
    texture!….very very nice, thanks! ( got any


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