Emily’s Harrowing Early Morning Slippering

Well, as requested, I have found 16 pictures which I feel capture the true horror of this 20 minute movie.
Located at FETISHFLIXX in Hi Resolution FULL Screen playback I won’t say too much here as I have explained it in my Exclusive Gallery.
Needless to say, this slippering was extreme, the soles of those fluffy slippers were ridged & bit into her buttocks with each stroke.
When you see the pics, you will understand the true nature of this film.

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Obviously it was a memorable film for me, seeing as I played the Uncle.
I must say that Emily knew what was coming as we had discussed it beforehand, knowing she would ooze “down there”, thus making this a most unique film! 
I know it’s not everyone’s “Cup of Tea”…but of course there are those out there who like to see this side! You know who you are!  😀

I’ve also placed this as a free link in my Free Spanking Gallery bar on the right, just in case anyone should ever miss this in the future!
I will post news of a great offer at SpankingMags tommorow, I haven’t got time now as it’s late.

3 thoughts on “Emily’s Harrowing Early Morning Slippering

  1. brad

    ….Cant……type…….those pics……..SO AWESOME!..lol
    I do remember the Uncle spanking her but dont remember him fingering her. Maybe they
    were added later ( fingering part)???

    Lovely pics….just lovely.


  2. brad

    LMAO…..she made a mess did she? I LOVE it! What an incredibly naughty girl.
    So, you spanked her good and hard then? Good man.


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