When Bedroom Spanking Goes Wrong…..

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Here’s a great photo set of what can go wrong in the bedroom when a couple are having fun!
As you can see, she seems to be enjoying her romp on the bed, with him about to pull down her knickers and spank her.
However things turn nasty when the cane comes into play and she loses the plot as his cane delves deep into her soft fleshy buttocks.
Click on the image below to see another classic gallery – this was collected from SpankingDigital.com – 1 of the 4 sites from SpankPass.

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This movie shows the cane cutting deep into Hannah’s bottom leaving angry welts and a tearful end to their romp!
Oh well….better luck next time, Hannah!

3 thoughts on “When Bedroom Spanking Goes Wrong…..

  1. brad

    LOVE her uniform, socks etc….alos love the pubic hair, seems more
    realistic than a shaven vagina for a schoolgirl???


  2. Spank Chief Post author

    She’s from a part of England where girls refuse to shave down there.
    I must say it’s a refreshing change to see some growth between a woman’s thighs.
    TBH, I’m not keen on the landing strips some girls cultivate and are overly fussy with clipping & pruning, it’s too false.
    However, it’s the mode for most girls nowadays under 25.
    From the stories I’ve heard, most schoolgirls do it too, it’s a fashion thing, I guess. 😀

  3. brad

    Yeah, totally agree, never like seeing a “landing strip” down below,
    normal pubic hair growth perhaps maintained “just alittle” is nice.


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