Your Comments count to see more of Carla’s Shocking Punishment!

here to see Carla's Movie

Right, thought I’d make this an interactive thread as these pictures are not yet up at SPANKINGONLINE
So the sooner you write in to request them just add your name.
You don’t have to say much and you can be anonymous, but I do get to see if you’re real or not, LOL!
For every 3 comments per remaining pic, I’ll then upload the clear image, they’ll be revealed one by one.
(* Note, must do something like this at Christmas like an Advent Spanking Calendar, LOL!)

It’s all a bit of fun, but the final pics are really something, so get writing in and I’ll check the number of comments daily.
You can see the first parts to this movie out now exclusive to SpankingOnline
It’s called Domestic Strapping and it’s a return to the harsh days of yore as silly Carla steals from the hand that lovingly feeds her!

Click on images below and you will see what is and isn’t available yet!  😀

click here click here click here click here
click here click here click here click here

Don’t forget now! Comments = Exclusive FREE piccies!  😉

Edit: 28th May – ALL pics are now up for you to enjoy!  😀

20 thoughts on “Your Comments count to see more of Carla’s Shocking Punishment!

  1. …..Totally…….nude………NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE. Love em chief, love the
    “frontal” shots as well, just to see what she has down below.


  2. Hey, would love to see the one where she is bending over table ( side shot)

    Awesome girl btw. Nice.


  3. She is a beauty I love to see her when she receive her puinishment she’s very excited ,very proud specialy when she did receive the strap to her h hope to see more from that beautyful girl .Would like to know if she do any one to one srevice.

    Love & Kisses
    Pierre xoxoxo

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