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I delved back in time to beyond 2002 for some old gems here from SpankingOnline.
I have included some old Real Media clips, the quality isn’t as good as we’re used to nowadays, but they are still very much playable and STILL classics!
Only from sustained interest will the SOL webmaster take a look at some old beauties like these and locate the files to possibly remaster.
We can but hope. If you mail me or leave a comment I can send these to the webmaster as proof there is interest!
So I will leave that to you good folks!

Ye Olde SpankingOnline

First up, a few photos from the extensive archives, as always, the girls are lovely!!!!
Click on the thumbnails to get the larger images.

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An interesting theme I found whilst perusing the older clips was the need and fear of going to the toilet before during and after punishment. In some cases, the girls would ask to go to the toilet, or in the first clip below, try to cover up their masturbation habits as Uncle had the knowledge of examining urine to determine if nocturnal wandering fingers warranted further severe punishments. These girls are caught mixing the chamber pots in an effort to confuse him! However it only brings trouble on their foolish behinds!
Take a look below at the clip

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The second clip is where the spankee “asks” to go and relieve herself before resuming her punishment
One can only imagine the fear as her already welted buttocks rest on the seat whilst she pees, knowing she can only gain some limited respite before bending over for what will probably be a more severe caning as a result of this interruption.


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Some more pics below of some great models, I have no idea where these girls are now, I’m just glad we got them whilst they were fresh and innocent!  😉

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What I also found was part of an interesting clip into the insight of a model being caned.
It’s a great little clip and you can pick up on the humour and growing frustration of the Dom as the submissive model loses some inhibitions.
That is until he takes control again and she is left in no uncertain terms who is boss and why she is bent over, with her bare bottom poking up in th eair for us all to see!

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I hope that I have shown you some of the variety that cruising around the cobwebs of the SOL Archives can bring! Coming soon, a great spanking and female urination scene (the film quality is better as well). I just contacted the editor about this so hopefully will be able to give you a totally EXCLUSIVE first look at it with a proper Gallery VERY SOON!


4 thoughts on “Ye Olde SpankingOnline Archives

  1. Thanks Chief for a fantastic set of pics & clips. The overall impression is that these are far better than today’s productions so far as models & uniforms are concerned with more attention to detail. The quality of the clips is not as good as today’s higher resolution clips but if you can reissue some of these in Fetish Flixx etc in high quality they will be a sensation.
    Also nice to see some of the old, origial models like Yvonne in the red school knickers in the first clip and Lesley taking a piss in the second one, both now retired regretably because they could certainly take the cane. And is that Brigitta in the last clip making such a fuss about being caned by a much younger webmaster? I just love the ones of the prefect without knickers spanking the younger girl. These are so much more stylish and imaginative than today’s pics of girls in jeans which are so sexless. So please give us more.

  2. Some of the models back then, who have now sadly retired were indeed stunning and could take a good thrashing.
    However, there are models we have recently shot like the adorable (imho) Carla (an Italian girl based in London…so some of you may know her from there).
    She has featured a lot at SSG recently and was game for most stunts like being prostrate on the table whilst being caned, her privates fully splayed and her buttocks truly thrashed.
    Images like these will live on forever.

    Some of you may know we have been re editing some interesting older data from 5-6 years back most of which will end up at FetFlixx or Mags
    however, “Arrogant Disobedience” was only ever a few clips and is now a FULL movie at SSG for example.

    That prefect without knickers and the younger blonde girl caught my eye when I was flicking through the image archives of SOL
    That’s what started off my reprise of the SOL Artchives (again)
    I look forward to being pleasantly surprised and aroused at more such spanking imagery soon.

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