– Latest Erotic Spanking-Fest!

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Take one look at Amber and you will fall in love with her sublime rear.
You can literally watch her tushy turning as flame red as her hair during any spanking or paddling scene!
I’ve just been maxed out working & hadn’t had time to promote or share the latest updates.
However with the latest ones I felt I really had to! OMFG, I have serious “wood”.
Amber has diversified and has introduced other girls into her movies.
From the great Long Play film “El Hombre” to the latest film with a stunning girl called Harper.
It is almost too much to bear to watch these 2 girls giving each other some seriously erotic punishments!

Take a look at the Freebie Gallery below and you’ll see what I mean!


Click here for the FREE GALLERY

Wow! If you think these pics are HOT, wait til you see the movies!
Amber has consistently made her movies available in 2 formats.
Hi Res WMV Playback (usually at least 1000kbs or higher – fantastic for FULL Screen)
Also there is a Very High Resolution playback via QuickTime.
I usually download both, the WMV first as it’s a smaller file size (I can’t wait…heh heh) & then the QT version for even better clarity.
Even though I’m not a fan of QT, it’s easily forgiveable to see Amber’s beautiful bottom!  😀

OK, the Chief needs a very cold shower now…you will too when or if you are lucky enough to see Amber’s Site!

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