Happy Birthday SpankingBlogg – 1 Year Old Today

I can hardly believe that it was a year ago today that I decided to start this little blog.
From its humble beginnings it has now grown into a massive archive of spanking content for everyone to share & comment on.
From my stats I can see there are many 1000s of readers, so to you, I say let’s share the fetish we all love.

Happy Birthday SpankingBlogg!

Pics of Chief with nothing left to spank!!!  🙁

Over the next week I will reprise some classic posts, pics and galleries, if any of you have requests then I shall try to accomodate.
I still haven’t answered someone’s request for more cornertime etc which I remember but just get busy!
For example, remember the painfully thin Emily, she that dripped profusely whilst spanked etc?

Leave your comments but please bear with me, this time of year is incredibly busy for me.
As some of you will now be aware, Ellie Maye was at a recent film shoot! But it was her friend jenny that stole the show!

Jodie fans, I haven’t forgotten about her, and of course I will be featuring Jenny soon (Ellie Maye’s friend)
See some sample pics below! Jenny! What a darling!!!!


Here’s to the next year on SpankingBlogg

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday SpankingBlogg – 1 Year Old Today

  1. Helloo Chief

    Just a quick congratulations on a years blogging and a BIG thank you for the
    pleasure you have brought me and no doubt everyone else who uses this blogg on a
    regular basis. I check it out every three days to see what’s new and use it as my
    bible in joining sites YOU recommend, in the same way ‘Glasses Guide’ for cars is.

    It must take a considerable amount of time and effort to keep on the
    ball with it.
    I have just finished a month on spanking server – Golly, those girls are soooo lush
    and cheeky too, has to be in my top five of sites.

    Have a fabulous Christmas and looking forward to another exciting year of spanked
    ladies bottoms!


    On GirlsBottom, love the pictures of ‘Emily’s Welted Bottom!’ Delightful…especially her naughty and punished bare bottom — no underwear — beneath her skirt. Hope to see more of her…

  3. Question about Emily?

    She is a lovely girl. I am a female who tend to be a lesbian. Emily is a girl of my style that I would love to discipline myself. She is both femine and beaty. Where could I find more of her movies and photos. Did she have a blog or something where I could contact her. Have she been into movies where she have been complety naked?

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