Merry Christmas from SpankingBlogg

Well, it’s that time of year again.
The Roast Turkey and all the trimmings are being prepared. Family are feasting….
Xmas pressies are finally bought (god I hate shopping this time of year)
I’ve updated some of the sites over the Festive Period until the New Year, so don’t go downloading it all at once! LOL
Of course I also get a chance now to look at some other stuff that is around on the web and as promised…

Click HERE for more of Amber

Here’s the lovely Amber!
Her latest Film intrigued me as I was suggesting we do a storyline similar, I’ve always wanted someone punished over my car! 🙂
Anyway, it’s called “Chop Shop Spanking” and Amber has employed another cracking beauty called Laila to dish out the punishments!
I’m really warming to Amber’s giving and taking recently, kind of like the idea of Xmas presents, eh?

Check out a FREE Gallery I made below
Click HERE for the FREE Gallery

As it’s Xmas, I delved through Amber’s Archives and came across this little beauty of a film.
I once featured it before (the bit where she interacts with the camera)
The movie is called Feeling Bad, and by the end of the film, she cries as she can’t take anymore!
Amber even cries beautifully! Check out the clip below, a higher FULL Res version is available at her site

Click HERE for the FREE Movie Clip

Wow! What a doll, eh? Merry Xmas Amber if you read this! 😉
One of my fave sites in 2007, see for yourself why – HERE

Click for more Amber HERE


Here’s a little Bonus Clip one of my colleague made up from our last Year.
In between the covers, there’s naughty Isabella getting rude!
This is a low res version but I placed this vid clip in higher res along with about 80 pics of Isabella
There’s also a different Xmas HQ Photo set of her uploaded to SpankedSchoolgirl as well!

Click here to play

Isabella starred in a recent Fully updated movie at SpankedSchoolgirl (which I showed previously)
The latest Film which is now uploaded and also includes HD scenes stars one of my fave bad girls, Heather Stanton.
Sadly for Heather, she really is humiliated as her knickers are cut up in front of her and she is forced to wear them with the backs open
Her cheeks protruding through are spanked and caned very hard, this was in fact her hardest caning she ever took!

Click HERE

To cap off my Xmas Bonus to you all here, I want to share a few faves of mine from the year!
First up is one of the many Brazilian punishments that I covered.
This clip below is typical of the abuse the gorgeous hussies received!!!

Click here to view the clip

More Brazilian spanking can be found at NaughtyBottom

If you love long play films, I must recommend Calstar Spanking as well, fortunately most of the films there are British!
(I still find the name of that site odd considering most of the content is British Discipline!)
Still not satisfied your Fetish for the day yet?
I recommend that you take a look at the following sites as they all have EXTENSIVE Free Tour Pages.
They are so you are in no doubt whatsoever what you’re letting yourself in for!
Warning: They both contain hard spanking and caning punishments!
PainGateMood Castings

Anyway, have a very Merry Xmas and I’ll get back to you sometime briefly before the New Year!
All the best, let’s hope we all have a great 2008!!!
Regards as always.

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