SpankingOnline Caption Competition

Here’s your chance to win a month’s FREE access to SpankingOnline Just use your skill and judgement to assess what the hell I’m up to doing in disguise spanking poor Wei Lueng.
I found this pic amusing (it’s over 5 years old) so send in your captions in the comments box! Competition will end 2 weeks today on Friday 11th April and I’ll notify the winner soon after on here.

OK, do your worst!  😀

Caption Competition

If you can’t wait that long, check out SpankingOnline HERE – see what you could win!  😉

Happy captioning…

Edit: No more than a maximum of 2 entries per person, multiple accounts will be deleted, I can see your Ip addresses! 🙂

28 thoughts on “SpankingOnline Caption Competition

  1. Could it be the horizontal upward heimlich technique as she swallowed her lunch laughing at the nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’ve just kidnapped schoolgirl Wei Lueng and needed an disguise so that she wouldn’t see that you’re actually her bestfriends (Jodie) father that really needed to spank sombody, but couldn’t wait for Jodie to comme home!

  3. Or:

    You have just been to the “who can look the badest hostage taker competition” and came out second place. And you are taking out you’re agression on you’re poor little adoptive daughter as soon as you come home

  4. Young lady, I asked you to go out and get me a disguise that would allow me to sneak into Mexico, and this is what you come back with…

    Well, I may end up going back to jail, but not before you get an old fashioned spanking…

  5. You’re a paid actor spanking the naughty girl on behalf of her uncle, who couldn’t attend to his niece due to a prior engagement in Bermuda.

    “I don’t remember you having all this hair, uncle! It’s a pity you’ve lost your voice as well.”

  6. Is it the Aisian leg of Billy Connolloy’s World tour? Room service is slack and the outspoken Scottish comedian takes matters into his own hands!

  7. “I’m sure that’s really my Mum spanking me – I’d know her hand anywhere!!!”

  8. “I wanted a part in the new Star Wars but I don’t think this is George Lucas”

  9. gordon brown promises new school reforms but spanking school girls in disguise is taking it too far

  10. Festus, angered by his adoptive daughter’s refusal to help him with his Civil War re-enactments, decides to teach the poor girl a little something about respect and gratitude.

  11. I told you little girl not to go home with a stranger…you never know what could happen!!!

  12. “I hope she doesnt know i am her UNCLE under this disguise, but dam, i LOVE this!”

  13. If spanking the hosts really is a new olympic sport, why are you hiding behind that beard?

  14. The art teacher disapproves of his students painting.
    She he is painting her butt red!!

  15. In this scene Steven Spielberg teachers the actress not to talk back to the director.

  16. Next time you eat KFC remember what the staff go through to bring you good service

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