Remastered & Exclusive – Rosaleen Young

Rosaleen may have left the online world of spanking but her movies continue to impress and amaze. I have found 2 absolute classics to share with you today, one has just been lovingly remastered & just been released for online download. Rosaleen lovers will adore this most bratty of brats she portrays in a British period spanking drama much like  an “Upstairs Downstairs”. Simply called “Rosaleen Chastised” this is about a very spoilt and stuck up little daddy’s girl who takes it our on her servants. In particular, one such maid, Victoria.

Rosaleen Chastised - new movie

Now without ruining what is a nice plot, all I’ll say is that Rosaleen’s britches are pulled down by Victoria & she’s given a damned good caning. Just so you can see what a brat Rosaleen is, screaming & snivelling, check out the FREE Movie Clip below. This Movie Clip is the 1st you’ll see anywhere on the internet as it’s a SpankingBlogg EXCLUSIVE (of course!) CLICK HERE to PLAY

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Also check a few choice pics I’ve made available so you get a feel of the movie.

FetishFlixx has the movie OUT NOW to download – it’s an absolute MUST for Rosaleen lovers!

Remember that there is an actual section dedicated to Rosaleen Young and this movie adds to the growing archive of remastered movies there!

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2 thoughts on “Remastered & Exclusive – Rosaleen Young

  1. Rosaleen is lovely I love her spanking her bare bottom is made for spanking ,i would love to spank her

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