Schoolgirl Soiled Knickers Punishment!

Well, SpankedSchoolgirl have done it again with this fantastic NEW Movie!
Poor Zoe Montana faces a humiliating time during her detention as she waits for Headmaster in just her knickers.
However, matron has already informed Headmaster that there is evidence in her panties to suggest filthy self defilement!
With a movie title “Schoolgirl’s Soiled Knickers” – what would one expect?

Click here for schoolgirl punishments

I shan’t go into too much detail, the captions and the pics and free movie clip can fill you in on the rest!
All I will say is that I’ve seen the whole movie and Zoe’s reactions are sublime!
Real pain, the look of humiliation and her wobbling cheeks thrashed hard!
The final scenes of the film contain some great heavy caning leaving some obvious welts.
As Humiliation and Schoolgirl Shame/Punishments go in “Detention”, this really is right up there!!!
The film gets the 5 star thumbs up from the Chief!
Check out the FREE gallery below.

Click here for the FREE Gallery

This Movie also has some considerable pure HD Movie bonus scenes so you’ll get to see even more clearly what’s going on!
However, for now, check out the Hi Res Movie scene below of Zoe strapped over the table.
See her almost buckle under the strain of it all! Click on image below.

click here to see this movie clip

More of this great movie is now available to MEMBERS

It’s good to see Spankedschoolgirl getting back to humiliating basics.
This will rank alongside one of my faves starring Catherine Corbett with her Dirty Knickers issue
She was chastised by a disgusted Miss Smith as I remember well!
Mucky punishments & the madness of these girls – happy days!  😀

I’ll be back here sometime this weekend, so have a good one til then!

One thought on “Schoolgirl Soiled Knickers Punishment!

  1. WOW, i have to say the dirty knicker theme is AWESOME…i love to see more themes like this and not just spanking for being bad. I would Love to see more peeing of the knickers in fear….and a view down into the knickers to reveal the wet spot would be again……AWESOME. I am joing SSG once again just to see the above…


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