Jasmine & Jodie

Check out Jasmine and Jodie at SpankingOnline’s recent OTK special “Jasmine’s OTK” – I have provided a free gallery and movie clip for you to see these gorgeous girls in action!

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Now check out the spanking clip below as these girls show a genuine love of their fetish!  😀
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Wow! So lucky SpankingOnline members have already had the chance of watching Jasmine & Jodie, see what these naughty girls have been up to at SpankedSchoolgirl both are just perfection in their school uniforms, stripped waist down, and over Miss Smith’s knee for a damned hard spanking and a slippering (the slippering scenes are excellent!!!)

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Below, see the way Jasmine laughably complains just as Miss Smith starts spanking her – I love Miss Smith’s no nonsense chastisement! You just know this girl is in DEEP trouble! 😉

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Am added bonus is that there are 2 additional HD WMV bonus scenes from this movie – real HD, not the tatt that others say they have when in fact it’s Hi Res like we now show as standard!

SPANKING NEWS SPOILER! *** I have heard that the next SSG Movie which stars Jasmine will be a real shameful affair, I believe her minnie and buttocks are embarrassingly inspected by HeadMaster before she’s spanked hard and more! I will of course bring you the earliest news of this rude and lewd spanking movie coming early next week – I can’t wait!

Have a good weekend everyone, i’ll try to as I’m about to travel down to watch my team this afternoon.
Here in England, the Football (soccer) season starts, so my beloved Plymouth Argyle will no doubt be embarrassing me as we lose horribly at home to Wolves (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Ever hopeful but despairingly, Chief!  😀

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