Justine’s Modelling Bell Fiasco – FREE Spanking Clips

Chatting to Justine the other day, we had a laugh over this movie as she was forced to hold the bell and not make it ring whilst I spanked her, if it rang she got into further trouble! This movie is now available to download IN FULL and with HD Clips as a great bonus EXCLUSIVELY at SpankingDigital right now!
I have been testing the new software so there’s a longer clip above, enjoy the clip, I remember we were trying not to laugh until poor Justine has to bend over the stoll and take a nasty strapping – sigh, someone had to do it! heh heh

Check out the extra free pics and the HD Clip which I have also made available, check out Justine’s lovely bottom, her master (Arnold) is one lucky fella!!!!

Modelling Bell - click here
Check out the bonus pics below of Justine shamed and humiliated in her failed test!
click here to play the HD clip

The FULL Movie can be downloaded and viewed today at SpankingDigital.com

OK, have a great weekend everyone, I will be off for a few days – have a good ‘un!
Regards, Chief.

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