The SpankPass – Latest Updates at each site

I’d like to give you a taste of what is available, here below are the lastest updates featured at the 4 SITE SPANKPASS which covers the 4 sites I am about to show you and what they have. Of course, I’ll make it interesting by providing you some nice free content probably not seen elsewhere, deal?

So first up of the 4 sites (which are all massive on their own) is SPANKINGONLINE and if you prefer, you can just sign up to one site so I will also provide those links as I just did. The gorgeous young thing, Jasmin, is stripped naked and shamed then spanked with nothing on over the School Chaplain’s knee for daring to wea knickers that were not regulation colour! Some great camera angles and in some cases leaing hardly much to the imagination, this OTK spanking will guarantee to get th ol’ blood pressure rising! Check out the Special FREE Promotion clip below and I have also made a few free pics available too!

click here for the FREE Clip

More Jasmine HERE

This FULL Movie file is now available to download and if you liked the Trailer above, you’ll LOVE the film! She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?
Sign up via direct or the 4 SITE SPANKPASS for monthly membership options has a great NEW Movie just released earlier today which stars mad and totally bad Kirsten, star of many of our best spanking and caning films, and she is in the rare position of being the “Top” for this movie opposite Shanelle, who is normally the very scary and fearsome Miss Van Dyer,scourge of all schoolgirls at our sites! 😀
This role reversal movie is interesting for the fact you get to see a grown woman getting her come-uppance, and also get to see Kirsten totally lose the plot! Hence the name of the film “Insane Bitch!”

click here for the FREE mad clip

Want to see some freebie vid grabs? This is a rare chance to see Shanelle’s fine arse bared and smacked hard by her insane mate! Excellent stuff, I’m sure you will agree!

Shanelle bared? Oh yes, I cannot stress how rare such footage of her switching and being on the receiving end is!

This movie is out now at – or if you prefer on a monthly option at the SPANKPASS – the 3rd site of the original 4 Site SPANKPASS does exactly what it says on th tin – features spanking images, not just a few, but a vast archive of spanking content spanning back years, all excluive photo story sets such as the odd spanking couple below. Some of you will recognise the mad and “painfully thin Emily, what you won’t have know is many years ago she genuinely enjoyed spanking and being spanked by her girlfriend of the time (hell, they may still even get it on now for all I know…) What we do know is that there are some cracking new pics never released before showing amateur girls next door giving and getting off on spanking. Check it out below.
Spanking Girlfriends

Now those that recognise Emily (pictured left above) she’s the one who is genuinely excited and dribbles her cum juice everytime her bottom is smacked, she can’t get enough of feeling a good hard hand across her buttocks. Type in “Emily” and “painfully thin” and I’m sure you will find more references to her in the search box of the blog. Sorry to tease you, but I thought I’d show the rare pics of HER in a dominant role which is rare as she was genuinely a true submissive and preferred it that way, think she was asked to pose for these, I can tell you it would get her juices flowing from my past experiences dealing with her on set! Ah, sweet dripping memories!

Click on thumbs above for the larger pics – all EXCLUSIVE to or via the SPANKPASS

Finally, Elizabeth Simpson’s site makes up site number 4 of the SpankPass network. This just released movie below was the very first movie that she starred in with us below in an all girl and submissive role. the added bonus is that it co starred Kara Jane, at the time it was filmed, one of the UK’s best known and best loved spanking stars. Natasha as Miss McGuire, the stern Mistress didn’t hold back on poor Elizabeth’s bared cheeks either, ensuring she was spanked and caned hard!

click here to view the FREE Clip on the Home page

As it says, there is a current FREE preview clip on her home page so check it out there. What I have also done is make some pics available. I still can’t believe that we missed these in the SOL Towers movie tape cellars, anyway, now lovingly restored to its former glory, good things come to those that wait!

This amazing movie now OUT to download ONLY at – or SpankPass as you wish.

So above I have featured the very latest updates doing the rounds of the 4 SITE SPANKPASS Network

Have a great weekend everyone,
Back soon. Chief.

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