Deals Squeals & Hard Bare Bottom Spanking!

Got some damned hard updates from various sources, and after watching all these movies at the sites I have decided to call in a plumber to provide me with a special ice cold water attachment to cool down more! One of my favourite severe films so far this year has just opened up at SpankingOnline – starring the oft maligned mad Religious Education teacher Mr Wetherall, we see here how he deals with his live-in Slave away from the routines of schoolwork when he arrives back early to see her playing and spanking/caning with another girl! What’s more, her treatment of Kara Jayne, well know spanking model wasn’t patty cake either, but what awaits foolish Ms O’Brien is truly shocking! On the Home page HERE (at time of writing) is a FREE Movie Clip and if you click the image below there is more on this severe spectacular!

click here for free gallery

The foul abusive potty mouth language and withering put downs by Mr Wetherall are highly amusing (seriously if you are offended by swearing or extreme cussing then this isn’t for you) yet also very compelling as poor Dublin is in no doubt who is boss here! I laughed out loud when I saw him lining up his strapping and caning shots, taking long run ups, and what happens at the end, well – I’m sorry to tease, but the strapping clip below should give you an idea of what a git Wetherall is – enraged by Dublin O’Brien’s sneaky behaviour earlier…cover your ears if easily offended  😀

Click on the image below to play this EXCLUSIVE additional clip only available HERE at SpankingBlogg

click here to play

This Severe Special Movie is only available to download at


click here for more spanking

Finally (it’s not part of the deals above) as it’s a site I haven’t often featured – if at all, but I often view their stuff when the mood takes me. Following on fromthe severe and the delightful romps above, the following movie and images from House of Taboo’s Spanking section and more are quite stunning. Lots of various punishments, mild and severe BDSM, role plays, FemDom, submissions, some sexual content too (which I have to say I don’t mind at all) with tears and girls peeing themselves or performing crude acts – it’s all there!
The below sets I have in my private stash but I found these below advertised by House of Taboo so it saves me time cripping and uploading em, thank Gawd!

… gotta say that black girl Jasmine – (what is it with that name Jasmine and HOT girls???) she’s f*cking awesome, lucky fella!

FREE Gallery of jasmine here

Want more? See these stunning House of Taboo sets below

click here click here for free pics

Interested? Visit House of Spanking HERE

Back later with some new updates that I’ve just been viewing, I promise they’re naughty…and they’re worth the wait! 😀

5 thoughts on “Deals Squeals & Hard Bare Bottom Spanking!

  1. I just joined house of taboo…..LOTS of spanking and other humilitating scenario’s which i LOVE, ….Crystal above gets it good:)

  2. Yes she does, doesn’t she? 😉
    There’s another site opened by this group, I think, about humiliation in public places, I’m gonna take a look at that too…

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