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OK, so some of you may have noticed there is a new design at

Click on the (NEW LOOK) banner below and the new site design also features a brand new free clip. Check it out, it shows much more and has some recent episode files for you to look at!

click here for the new look spankedschoolgirl website

I have to say, I like the design, it’s a lot neater and is also reflected in the members area where it’s been made much easier to poke around, with less advertising banners and a clear set of links to guide you around. Of course, being the SpankingBlogg, I would be remiss not to give you some sample galleries (new design also of course) which have a brief description of the stories and plots of the schoolgirls involved.

So sit back, relax, pour a nice glass of red riocha gran reserva wine, light up your big fat Havana and admire these beauties getting thrashed ThraSHED…THRASHED!!!! Click on images below.

The latest update stars new girl, Paige, buxom and cute, oh boy – this girl’s ass is a joy to spank, and turns a gorgeous crimson after a few hard slaps! & the fact she’s wearing those awful humiliating “Naughty Knickers” with the arse area cut out adds to the film!

click here Paige's naughty Knickers - click HERE

Sasha Harvey has probably the most pliable pair of “female cheeks” in the UK, I think scientist should study her buttocks more closely, I think they’re made of “Flubber” as they have a wonderful mind of their own…and I’ve seen her take some wicked thrashings, thoughtfully, I rememberered this movie with Miss Smith, after a verbal tongue lashing, Sasha is then given a helluva punishment across her bare wobblesome behind! Check out Sasha below

click here

I couldn’t leave a schoolgirl movie without Isis, playing bad schoolgirl Tara here – there should be some new pics. I remember us shooting this movie and thinking “what an arse!” She took one real mean caning that day in this film, oh what a pity she’s not around anymore…. 🙁  Thankfully there’s tons of content of her for us all to admire.

click here

Finally, I saved these 2 galleries, one a movie clip and the other some rude spanking pics of one of my fave girls, Jasmine Johnson, in what I’d consider her naughtiest and rudest film we’d shown of her! Called “School Medical”, it basically gave the Doc “carte blanche” to fumble with her, examining her closely, much too closely and then even getting to really caress and fondle her ass and pussy, even opening her right up, whilst her uniform lay on the floor! Seriously, that pretty much covers one of my fantasties, I’d have loved to have swapped and done that on the day (I was away goddamit!) See what I mean in this fantastic spanking film below available at

click here click here

OK, that’s it from me, have a good weekend and do check out the sponsored links below or to the side >> if you haven’t already, as there are plenty of free clips that you can see recently updated

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3 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Nice job on the site redesign 🙂

    Oo lovely to see one of my faves from your spanko network: Isis. More please. and wish she would come out of retirement….*sigh*


  2. She is indeed, I just saw the naughty footage of her for GirlBottom coming soon….and, well….
    She spanked herself and left nothing to the imagination….fine tush and gorgeous minnie!!!
    (and no tatts down there! yay!!!)

    *ice cold shower needed*


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