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You might not know a lot about these 2 sites, but I was emailed an offer that has just started which provides an excellent intro to both sites. They do have some content which is the same as some of the other membership sites operated by Xerotics but I also spotted some naughty exclusive stuff I hadn’t seen elsewhere, such as the Italian girl, Carla (below), baring her sore welted buttocks (I’ve cut some pics for you all). Also SpankingTunes does exactly that, provide some amusing soundtracks to spanking movies produced by the Xerotics sites, I’ve also been informed that there is and will be more exclusive content being added to these sites in future which makes checking it out today all the more interesting…

Click the banners below – SpankingArchives has an extensive FREE Section so you get to see what the site has to offer. I have cut some clips from SpankingTunes (with their permission) as I am not sure if anyone has seen their clips before! The extra bonus and features I like about SpankingTunes is that they are embracing the Flash technology so those who prefer this format can stream or download this content or choose the wmv format (which I have here). You can even download these to your mobiles (or cell phones as you say across the Pond) – what a spanking good idea 😀

Spanking Archives – Click HERE
click here for this website preview

See Italian girl Carla show you her poor welted cheeks, click on thumbs below for larger pics
click here
Thumbs below reveal larger pics – click on them 🙂

Below is another old fave of mine, Kitten, who I know is featured at SpankingOnline, but you get to see her here and I think there’s some extra pics too 😀

yum yum, check out the naughty Kitten, click thumbs for larger pics

So check out the TOUR PAGES of SpankingArchives HERE

Next up is the second site of the Offer,
click here for this website review

Spanking to Music – fast music, slow sexy grinding music, girls buttocks thrashed in time to jolly jape tunes and more – yikes, the red cheeks still get thrashed though!! I’ve cut clips below which are in wmv format, but you also have the Flash format to stream and download as you want as a member.

Click on the thumbs below, they will open up the movie files.
click to play click to play click to play click to play

These movies come from various sections, you have Girl on Girl/Domestic/Schoolgirl/Male Dom sections in which to view and download your tunes and movies as you wish. Tour page of – CLICK HERE


So that’s the offer, I also have news of a cracking NEW Movie Update and I checked out the FREE Clip at
It’s Bloody worth it! See Shanelle spanked hard, crying, spluttering, protesting, blithered on booze – it’s a classic!!! 😀

Check this link HERE or click on the image below

click to view this present movie clip


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