Happy St George’s Day!!!

Whatever country you are from, whatever religion & God you follow today is our big day, today is our patron saint day, today is St George’s Day in England. There are many stories written about “our hero”, the greatest of all the saints and the only one that did anything useful, but none of them are true, he rid the world of dragons and no one else did that! Also, if you need proof, go and check out our currency, he’s on the sovereign (if you’re old enough and posh enough to own these as they’re hardly in common circulation..but still) and there’s no way he’d be on a Sovereign if he didn’t exist, surely?

If you’re still unsure, look out of your window, do you see Dragons? No you don’t! There’s all the proof you need, he was the slayer of dragons – (anyway, did you know St Patrick was an Englishman? hmmm).

So today the English celebrate St George’s day, and being as it’s Friday this year, I feel for the hard working staff of the numerous drinking establishments and hospital A&E’s who will no doubt be inundated with a load of pissed up, drunken fools in need of a short sharp shock tonight.
Ahhhh, makes me so proud to be English, eh? Back later with my Friday Spanking updates! Regards, Chief (as yet not pissed up and vomiting in the streets of our great nation)

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