AAA Spanking Store Announcement

This is a special news update across some of the blogs I write for. I have finally got my finger out, taken note of the requests in my mail box and managed to get some clips re-edited to accommodate the woefully inadequate size/quality clips that we’d normally use and so decided on editing the reduced size formats in MP4 and still at a widescreen resolution of 960×540 (the same as our Wmv clips for members) making it one of the largest formats and clearest formats that I have seen on any of the Clips4Sale stores! We are quite excited about this, we did try to use Wmv but it just wouldn’t compress as well and became too blurry or fuzzy… so without giving away any more of our secrets, why not check out the quality of a clip that we are obliged to reduce to a size of no more than 10Mb per minute. If all this is boring you, the clip below is EXCLUSIVE and not available to members so this is a kind of incentive to check our Clips Store HERE as we plan to upload a ton of clips over the next few weeks including some exclusive goodies and action clips goodies that should make the store far more appealing to those that only like to download the odd movie!

I also got you a couple of action images from the movie just so you can see more of Jasmine!

Do I need to give an excuse to slipper Jasmine? Of course not! Just enjoy the clip and images 🙂

For the Clips Store, if you haven’t already checked it out, click HERE or the banner below and bookmark it as we will be updating this on a regular basis, I’ll remind you anyway 🙂

Thanks for taking time to read this, and if you’ve only seen this post today, please do check out my Monday update below

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