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Hi everyone, I’m still around, a little achy but coming to terms with what happened nearly 2 days ago, I’ve gone from the surreal “did that really happen?” to the stress of dealing with insurance companies and talking to the “Total Loss” Department leaves me in no doubt as to where my claim is heading!!! Even the number plate (or license plate – to folk outside the UK) was a pain in the arse here as those who have special ones who are smarty-arses like me, who wish to keep their personalized plates, well we have to go through hoops and all sorts when the current car is deceased… it doesn’t help that I went round in circles on the phone line, pulling my hair out listening to some recording droning on, “choose option 4” then doing that I was confronted with 5 more options and then “narrowing” that down to just another 6 marvellous choices… “Oh for fucks sake, put me though to someone!!!” So, this afternoon, I composed myself to go through some of the images I took after our first film we did with Sarah Gregory and uploaded the 1st set.

As you’ll see below, this was a rather special set for me as I edited them in the fashion of Februs or Janus in a sort of magazine “retro style” feel to some images, take a look at the choice of coloring I used, I think they came out rather well, and of course, the movie will also be out very soon (in HD format of course) as we start to edit the movies, but this is a taster of what members can download right now as my first complete photo set of Sarah’s work is now available and we had a cracking story and costume as she was punished by Headmaster Paul Kennedy for wearing a ridiculous St Trinians style uniform… Sarah thought that was what our girls wore here… oh bless! We corrected her and gave her a more suitable uniform and another spanking in it as a reminder of what that felt like before her inevitable and shameful wall time!

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Check back at this blog as I’ll get you a couple of other images from some other forthcoming movies with Sarah and I’ll let you know what we got up to on and off set, but right now, it’s a little too close to reminding me what happened when I said goodbye to everyone and drove back, hope you understand! 🙁


As I catch up I can see that at one person has been especially busy… one Miss Veronica Bound as she continues with her no nonsense approach to discipline and knows EXACTLY how to deal with a multitude of brats… well, an interesting newcomer is providing yet more spice and challenges for Veronica as Dia Zerva comes for an interview and gets MORE than she bargained for as you’ll see below!

New girl Dia has caused quite a stir, I’ve heard… and it’s hardly surprising, she’s not new to the fetish scene but doing just spanking and discipline punishments like this is a first for her and she has such a shapely pair of cheeks I’m sure members can’t wait to see more of her … the next girls to face the wrath of Veronica need no introduction as it’s Pixie & Lily Anna – below you’ll see gorgeous Pixie over the lap of Veronica first in this latest film now available to view in full called “Cookie Drive”

Pixie and Lily Anna have come up short on the funds for the cookie drive. Veronica believes the girls need a lesson in responsibility and first pulls Pixie over her lap for a spanking. Pixie’s bottom is burning for those lost cookie funds as Lily looks on nervously awaiting her turn over Veronica’s lap!

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Ceiling Cat is back and in Holland this time as our all seeing feline views a rare online event, hmmm – Pandora Blake wielding a cane and using it across Amelia’s bare bottom? … oh, and did I mention the girls are dressed in nurses uniforms? Indeed, that combination means the site can only be

Last Friday Nurse Amelia had given the male geriatrics ward a free puppet show but she took 5 hours. Nurse Pandora was not amused so she took her into her office where it was agreed that Amelia would prefer a caning from Pandora instead of being taken to Doctor Johnson. During the caning Doctor Johnson caught them and after finding out what the reason was, he gave Amelia a further few strokes and Pandora got a hard six of the best on her bare bottom for caning Amelia in the first place!

If you’re into seeing nurses, airline stewardesses, schoolgirls, policewomen, army cadets, dance students, navy recruits & naughty maids all in their uniforms being punished and spanked like the above on their bare bottoms, then check out the extensive tour pages of


Finally today back in the UK at English Spankers a set with Mistress Katie and young Emma who are both punished in turn by a furious Mr Stern fed up with the state of the place and of course while the young girl snivels and takes her punishment, Katie should have known better… so receives an equally humiliating caning in front of the underling as a reminder of knowing their place in this house! I love seeing older women punished alongside younger girls… it’s a special for me as I can well imagine just how humiliating this would be in real life!

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Sorry it’s not a more substantial post, I’ll be back here tomorrow with more updates including some sites I haven’t shown for a while so don’t go too far and stay safe on the roads out there!

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