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Don’t you just love variety? It’s late here at Chief Towers… (half past midnight) I am writing to you on this balmy October evening (something I thought I’d never say living here in England) and I was struck by the total difference of 2 very recent movie updates given to members of FirmHandspanking – 2 very different girls, one who we all love to bits, a certain Miss Amelia Jane Rutherford… who I have never worked with, and I have to say… MUST rectify that at some point in the very near future… and a relative “newcomer” to the Firm Hand stable of girls…. the dinky but extremely bratty Monica Bouget, who really does look like she is there enduring it for the money… contrasted with AJR who loves the acting, the role play and of course takes her punishment too!

However, I used to find Monica really annoying (partly becasue she looked like she was there just for a payday and nothing more) – but this latest film with her in got me interested as she took what I know was a painful stinging punishment with a nasty looking bathbrush and her ass marked up beautifully as proof of her resilience! So fair play to Monica for this film, it brought tears to her eyes and her bratty tone disappeared once the brush started whacking her cheeks as you’ll see below!

Monica Bouget takes the bathbrush from Mr Reed




She’s petite, exotic, with enough attitude to light up Reform School. When pretty Monica Bouget locks another girl out of the house in just her panties, Mr Reed gets to the bottom of it. Monica’s athletic bare booty is marked with a blistering, tear-inducing 18 with a bath brush!


Now as for Amelia, she is appearing at this site in a new series called the Marriage Guidance – and of course, it has Amelia bickering as only she knows how and her interaction with her “hubby” is both hilarious and when he gets fed up and thrashes her… addictive viewing as you’ll see form the images below:

Back from Marriage Guidance and over his knee she goes…




A special treat as Amelia Jane Rutherford starts a new series with screen husband Richard Anderson! They’re back from Marriage Guidance and Amelia doesn’t admit that some of their issues could be due to her behavior. Perhaps a sound, bare spanking with hand and slipper?



Sorry this was short n’ sweet, but I had been out most of the day and I’m incredibly tired so could only get this short update out to you today, I promise to get something more substantial up to you guys within 24 hours! Chief.

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