6th Love our Lurkers Day

The 6th LoL Day is finally here. Six of the best! I like six and so should you! The basic concept of Love Our Lurkers is simple. All those people that read blogs and such but never leave or comment or contribute in another way (henceforth referred to as a “lurker”) are invited to do the totally unexpected – to leave a comment. You don’t even have to send me your real email address when you send in a comment, no need to leave a site address, just click on the comments and say “Hi!” or whatever, I know there are 1000′ s of daily readers so I’d love you guys who hve never left a comment (as well as those who do, which I really appreciate) to leave me a comment. Even if it is to say “I suck and I stink” etc… I can handle it 🙂 Hey, you remember my crazy cat spankings? Well, here below is my reward, I loved this little clip from a French Canadian family who have a cute Siamese kitteh-kat… that loves to be spanked, heh heh!


Below are the links to my other cat spanking inspired posts in case you forgot 🙂

& below is why cats are so clever and cute…

Talking cats… I love them, hope you enjoyed seeing these clips, I shall be posting more spanking updates (of humans, most notably the female of the species next time), so don’t go far now! Chief.

Click on OMG Kitty below for a reminder of more cat spankings! (and some interesting human spanking stuff too!)

8 thoughts on “6th Love our Lurkers Day

  1. I’m a regular visitor to your blog, and always enjoy your posts. Thanks for being a part of LOL 6.
    Love the “What has been seen…” pic.


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