It’s All About the ASS #88

If you haven’t checked out my Tumblr blog¬†then I suggest you do for a whole series of images like the one below, click on the archive section on the blog – or click HERE and you will see what a busy addicted boy I have been… collecting images I think worthy of reblogging which includes my fave subjects such as spanking, ass pics, redheads, Japanese girls, real women, girls next door and lots more very sexy, erotic imagery that I think makes for a very interesting diversion for you all! I’m also adding my own collections and images that are sourced from and they are not always shown on my main blog so it might well be worth checking those out at the tags #aaaspanking or #aaa spanking.
There’s also a section on the blog page that shows what I have liked and if you can be bothered to scroll through them, there are about 4000 images, gifs and movie clips that I have “liked” so far! It’s on the top of the liked images (the arrow) on the right hand bar… or you can click HERE directly and see all the images… if you have time!!!

When you get to see images like the beautiful girl below baring her oh so spankable ass for us to view… it’s all worth it, don’t you think?



One thought on “It’s All About the ASS #88

  1. Naked outdoor pictures, videos and outdoor spanking always triggers warm and embarrassing memories for me. My wife and I go camping from time to time and when hiking or camping in secluded places is when the fun begins. My wife is bigger and stronger than I and strips me as she makes me hike ahead of her so she can watch my ass as I walk. We go skinny dipping and sleep naked. On occasion she will get an itchy hand and turns me over her knee for a spanking in the great outdoors. A few different times my spankings have been witnessed by female hikers and campers. One time 2 ladies in their 60’s were hiking on the other side of this gorge no more than 100 yards away and had a full unobstructed view. They were giving cat calls and encouraging and egging my wife on. After my wife had put a nice hue to my bottom she flipped me over backwards and started giving me a BJ than a handjob as she moved her mouth to my nipples and bit and sucked until I lost control and lay limp. The ladies went wild and clapped telling her to always keep her man naked and well spanked as he apparently loves it no matter how much protesting he does.

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