I’m risking my ass here!

I couldn’t leave the blog alone, it’s 11.30pm at night as I START to write this up and have been warned NOT to come to bed late. OH SHIT!!! It’s warm as hell here… in the UK, many of my American readers will read this with aghast as I tell you about 90% of homes (ours included) don’t have Air Con… generally, we don’t need it. Our climate is so crap that it’s an expense we never have to factor in… we have windows that open and let air in and use fans if needed 🙂

My, I wish we had it now… but I won’t moan about the stuffy night as I’d rather be warm and sweaty than shiver not seeing the sun at all like we do in winter time!

& here are some quick views of some very HOT spankings in 6 images each or less as I’m REALLY pressed for time… so here goes!

WHAM! – Emily parker at Spanked Sweeties

012 014

015 007

004 002

Emily Parker grew up as best friends with Veronica Ricci, who interviews her about her spanking experiences in their longest interview ever. Three re-enactments include Veronica Ricci as the young mom, Lorelei Mission (shown above) as the older mom, and a dad spanking which you can see coming soon!



BAM! – Cinderella Spankings Day 5 from Girl Spanks Girl

001 004 (1)

008 009

010 014 (1)

Cindy has to pay the price for getting Kimmy spanked and that leads Cindy (played by Veronica Ricci) to another trip over the knee for a spanking. This time she is spanked by Kimmy Olsen, the evil step sister. CLICK HERE to view the entire Cinderella series now showing!


THANK YOU! –  Spanking Sorority Girls Yasmine’s Spanking Attack

001 (1) 007 (1)

008 (1) 010 (1)

013 015 (1)

Yasmine deLeon (from that school down the tracks) surprises Veronica while she is studying. She overpowers Veronica and spanks her with her hand, then with a large wooden paddle, making Veronica read while getting spanked hard. Veronica drugs Yasmine and gets in some spanking, too. See this HOT film in full HERE


MA’AM! – Plumber Dixie spanks Kay at My Spanking Room Mate

002 (1) 004 (2)

008 (2) 011

013 (1) 016 (1)

Plumber Dixie comet is bending over and working on Kay’s pipes, but not getting the job done, so Kay tries to give her some spanks. But Dixie won’t tolerate this and instead puts Kay over her knee and spanks her until she speckles. This is a really HAWT spanking movie starring one of my fave stars (Kay) – you can see the full HD film HERE



Uh oh… I have been summoned to the cauldron… I mean the pit… er… the bed. She has called out and I must reluctantly leave you here but you can view MORE spanktastic stuff from the quick preview of sites shown above, all huge in their own right, or put together as one MASSIVE money saving multi pass network called the CLARE FONDA PASS (sure you know that by now) OK, I’m off… have a great weekend everyone and I promise to be back soon! Night Night!

Ah nuts… she’s calling again – I better go *sigh*

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