What’s Coming to AAA Spanking

Here’s a very special taster of what members can expect over the next few weeks… we are upping the game with updates, movies and image sets as you’ll see – and just check out the quality of the spanking films on offer. The site now boasts approx 180 films, and these upcoming movies start with Lola Marie THIS WEEK as a very naughty and extremely sexy cheerleader CAUGHT playing with herself when she should have been getting ready for her practice… I have included a few early teaser pics of what the film is about… Lola looks stunning in her uniform, half undressed and rather embarrassed at her bare bottom punishment!

lola001 lola002

lola003 lola004

lola005 lola006

lola007 lola008

You might also have seen that there is an advert for “Wheelbarrow Week” – well, it is precisely that, the following week, Monday Wednesday and Friday there will be 3 separate films with Joelle Barros, Nyssa Nevers and Ashley Graham in a naughty embarrassing spanking trilogy… these sort of spankings and the position are always hot.


Then in the coming weeks you will most likely see Sarah Gregory from our very first filmshoot made nearly 3 years ago… this was a special caning movie with a twist as it had Paul Kennedy and myself demonstrate to Sarah what we were going to use across her sore bottom (3 different canes!) from my last movie of this filmshoot with the aid of Donna Davenport as the demonstration bottom before Sarah took her turn… it was hard and she wasn’t looking forward to this one little bit! It makes for great viewing – trust me!


& members will get to see faves Sophie and Amber in an intimate girl/girl spanking film, lots of cream (too much in Amber’s case as she squirted so much onto Sophie’s sore bottom) but this soothing cream and delicate bottom rubbing led to yet more spanking between them!!!


… and if you want more, then we will give you much more…


Above is Joey Delilah… never spanked online and only at parties or in private, she took a break from playing at Shadowlane last year to introduce herself to us… and you as I gave her a rather hard OTK spanking and hairbrush punishment… this was some excellent play which you will enjoy watching!

There’s plenty more but I thought you’d like this preview of what you are going to get over the coming weeks… check out the site, now that you know there’s 180 films and these to come over the next month! As always, thanks for reading 🙂

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