Laura Dore – her bum is no bore!

While you wait for me to post something else, I just wanted to share a few choice images of one of the most spankable bottoms I have clapped eyes on, courtesy of this infamous Brazilian model, Laura Dore (pronounced dor-ray)… Would any lady or gentleman know where to begin with such a magnificent booty? Could we fit her comfortably on our laps as she wriggled… imagine the lunge position or even the wheelbarrow (oh my goodness… such hot lewd thoughts!) – Anyway, enjoy, I have been busy behind the scenes today so forgive me, I am hoping to get you up news of 2 very different but fantastic films that Casey Calvert is appearing in later, so don’t go too far, ok?

LAURA DORE – A real “Whooty Beauty!”










One thought on “Laura Dore – her bum is no bore!

  1. Nice bum allright, but a bit too tanned…I prefer pale white girls of Northern European stock, or at least if tanned, some really big tanlines. The “all-over” tan, to me, is not as sexually stimulating as pale “naughty bits”, because it looks as if the subject is nude all the time, like the women in “National Geographic”….Western sexuality is based on the “naughtiness” of uncovering what is considered “taboo”, and is normally covered up. The more sexually repressive the culture, the bigger thrill it is to uncover those “naughty bits”…What young girls of today don’t understand, is that by tanning themselves all over, they are making their naughty bits less naughty, and hence, less of a thrill…..

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