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While you are waiting for me to get my ass into gear and write up a blog post here (I’m doing that now and it’s a killer post, funny, amusing, lots of spankings and well worth the wait, I promise) – How do everyone, both men and women (from both sides of the coin, so to speak) feel about witnessing “female excitement” during a spanking? Being with a partner who is in a sub/dom relationship with me (I am listed as Sarah Gregory’s dominant on Fetlife in case you didn’t know as well as her lucky fella) nothing pleases me more, even when it’s not a good girl spanking… to see and feel Sarah’s excitement when we play! That’s my opinion and my take… In fact, you can see this in many of our films we have made too. It’s not deliberate, she can’t help herself, I know I have seen this from some classic old films, take this example HERE on one of my clips stores where you get to see this poor young girl called Laura drip copious amounts of stringy “precum” as she takes a really hard paddling and caning. I remember being at this filming and it was quite a sight… totally unexpected and when we talked to her later, she admitted in this case she wasn’t turned on as such, but she was just naturally a very wet girl at all times! Gravity took it’s toll as she shook and began to drip profusely ¬†– being the gentleman perv that I am, I just love seeing a girl’s excitement like this, a wet pussy is like a red rag to a bull for me… it’s just one of my things. I apologise if that offends, it’s so beautifully sexual and intimate and of course I’m sure you ladies love seeing how guys can ooze copious amounts of precum during extensive foreplay… His excitement, which you did to Him! So… as I am writing my main blog post for today, here is a little poser for you all. So, I am guessing wetness works both ways? Do you find it a turn on when you are spanking? gentlemen, do you find that you have a lot of precum from extensive spanking play too? I admit not all spankings are sexyal for me, but when they are in the right context, I need a new pair of underwear aftterwards, lol! In my case, if Sarah goes over my lap, I will always get turned on, I know she will get very wet from me spanking her… it’s a glorious #catch22 and I have real uncomfortable¬†#TrouserArousal which she loves giving me (lol!)

Examples of precum from gents & ladies… you know what I mean, right?
(This is not me or Sarah, below… by the way! Just random examples found on t’Net)

precum1 precum2

In case you missed that film I was on about… click the image below for the playback options…
I promise you it is an old classic & I never tire of it!



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