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I’m feeling a little strange, I’m back in the south west of England (eventually) after braving the holiday traffic leaving my excellent host, Dodgy Dave’s, early this afternoon. Fortunately it was mainly in the other direction as all the grockles, tourists and muggles from afar were returning back “oop north” (oh, grockles are what we Devonians call the tourists to our part of the country, lol) which amused me as I sped down south west to see traffic jams and very slow holiday traffic crawling up on the other side…. however, whenever I needed to use the service stations (or “rest stops” as Sarah would say) they were overrun with bratty kids and flustered parents with lines of people waiting to be served for food or anything in particular. Still, I’m home, I’ve gone through my mail, talked to Sarah who is also back home now and I have planned not one but TWO new movie updates for my site next week and that is not including the Freaky Friday event which occurs once a month as planned so I am really spoiling you all and to anyone considering joining… stay tuned with news of what is coming to my site NEXT week (tomorrow in the next post here in advance with some revealing video images to whet your spanking appetite). In the meantime, see the review from porn site  reviewers: Rabbits Reviews of my site HERE  –  I got marked down 5 points for not having streaming content… boo! So taking that into consideration I got a very reasonable score – and their description of my latest HD film formats are inaccurate as I now upload most new content in MP4 1920×1080 where possible (if it was filmed and edited from towards end of last year). For example… the 2 new films next week will be in this format and I am also going to start offering the WMV format in HD 1920×1080/8000kbs from now where possible too! (meaning the quality is f*cking awesome!)

However, today… I just wanted to focus on one site, the ever popular spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate with the latest couple of episodes to keep you up to date with what is going on there… and remember, that site is always part of the top value 5 Site ClareFondaPass network!



Mia Vallis is looking to get away from her roommates, who spank her all the time. She tries her new friend Courtney Shea, who has an extra room, but doesn’t want a roommate. Mia is desperate, and she was spanking to help influence the decision. Which of course ends in punishment over her already spanked bare bottom!

002 004

006 009


011 012

013 014 015


Can Mia spank as well as she can take it? See below!!!

001 005

007 008

012 013

014 016


In episode 166… Life coach Ludelle Hahn spanks Koko!


Life Coach Ludella Hahn gets a visit from Koko Kitten, who wants a new roommate and attempts to recruit Ludella. But Koko proves to be bratty, rude and demanding, so Ludella teaches her a valuable lesson with a good spanking over her knee – using her hand and a paddle. Then she turns her away.

002 003

006 008

009 011

012 013

014 015


You can check out all the very latest HOT spanking episodes from this great site HERE

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Yikes… that was hot! 🙂


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