My Latest American Trip Update – part 1

Well, it has been well over a week since the end of BBW in Atlantic City, that part was just a small bit of my overall trip and I’ll feature that installment next time as I have a feeling I am gonna be writing a fair bit on the week or so building up to that. I had flown into New England nearly 10 days earlier to see Sarah Gregory and catch up with her and do the romantic stuff people do which I won’t bore you with here. We spent time chilling out and relaxing in each other’s company, and she showed me some of the places that I had always wanted to view outside of the Boston area that I had missed previously such as Salem and the eastern coastal towns nearby before we headed inland back to Connecticut. You can check out some images of my early trip sightseeing below taken from my phone, I loved the old style wooden houses that are so “New England”… as well as some of the mansions I got to see on the coast!


ne001 ne002

ne003 ne004

ne005 ne006

Of course it wasn’t all sightseeing and loafing about eating burritos… oh no! I also got involved with a couple of full on day shoots for both my site and Sarah’s – and “boy” did we work hard. First off we brought in an old friend of hers who will feature 1st at our sites before anyone else… her name is Lily Swan… a self confessed pain slut and super buff fitness guru who just happened to take what we both could give her (or rather, I could… as Sarah stayed behind the cams). I don’t know who was more worn out, myself or Lily… I had met her previously and wanted to film with her when she knew full well what we both do. It was an awesome day’s filming at Sarah’s new Studio “shed” which had somewhat changed since my last visit there end of last year! Below are a few shots of awesome Swan for both our sites, giving you an idea of what will come, of course Swan did a Wheelbarrow Club film for me and shot some caning and spanking bench films for both our sites…

I don’t have the raw data to hand with me so I am unsure as to what films we did for our own sites but this is a showcase of what we got up to with Swan for our sites so I have watermarked them for now… we didn’t take stills for every film so this is a small selection of what went on 🙂

DSC_6130 DSC_6168

DSC_6182 DSC_6189 DSC_6199

I didn’t have any behind the scenes shots with Swan… I did do a schoolgirl peeing film in that red pinafore dress so am guessing that is my film, lol… I wouldn’t forget that, and neither would Swan as we waited until she was supposedly busting to go… drinking water throughout the day only for her bladder to get stagefright when the time came… however, I just left the camera on a tripod outside and discreetly made my excuses and left to ensure the dirty deed got done! It kind of came out Okay as I couldn’t direct or move the cam if needed but it’s still a pervy punishment film. It made us all laugh at how degenerate I was and Swan was awesome, willing to try anything we asked punishment wise. We shot some pretty cool stuff!

Sarah’s Studio Shed… for discreet filming, well… kind of as Justin told me he could hear us over 100yds away when he came back from picking up our lunch back to the shed – oopsy! The crew chilling at lunchtime… and at Moe’s “Welcome to Moes” Tex Mex style joint… it was Super Moes Monday, a Burrito & unlimited soda drink (from a machine with about 30 choices which was a little overwhelming to my untrained English eyes) all for 6 or 7 Bucks as I recall! 🙂

20140421_154133 20140421_210507

Some shots from throughout the day with Adriana Evans!

DSC_6296 DSC_6215


DSC_6402 DSC_6467

A few days later, Adriana Evans and her man, Dom King came to stay with us and did a full day’s shoot. I love these guys, they are fun and great to hang out with… the weather outside was a glorious Spring day and again, we left off from where I filmed her recently in Vegas and we made some outstanding films… I have a few pics but again I’m unsure as to what is what exactly… we didn’t do stills for all the films and one of my most memorable films was Adriana coming onto me as a pervy stalker type model that I set up as I had told Sarah what she was like… we get to do a fantastic double punishment… but not before Adriana had dirty danced over my lap and flung herself all over me… that was pretty hot! Another film that Sarah and Adriana did together for her site was an intense and sensual spanking punishment that got Adriana into her subspace…. again, we shot some amazing footage that day and I got to do a spanking and diapering film of Adriana which I loved – no pics of that either but you’ll see and know more soon enough. below are some pics of other films that we used our stills cam for!

These 2 films shoots were quite exhausting and both a little close to BBW which was looming… Adriana told us that she had ten Amorette coming to visit her for some work before they all travelled up to Atlantic City… sarah was busy preparing herself for the Vendor’s Fayre… of which it would also be my first experience of being behind the scenes… I will have more on this in my second update later this week, including how I got Ten Amorette &  Johnny Lake to film their 1st movie for me for the “Wheelbarrow Club”, including the roadtrip… hits and misses, playtime, tears and more all coming up in my 1st time adventure that was BBW or “BB-Dubz”   Adriana Evans – as we preferred to call it 🙂

Ten Amorette & Johnny Lake…
coming soon to and the infamous Wheelbarrow Club!



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  1. Looking good ,John many thanks it works I can get in and thanks Sarah for your help too ,best from ,Tim.

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