A Media Viewing Poll for MAC USERS only


I have decided to let you, the readers, answer a few questions regarding viewing media once again… this is the 1st today – as I will try to implement (where possible) from the results here at my site  – so it is important. Please answer as truthfully as you can over any viewing preferences – this one is mainly addressed to Apple and Mac users.

Windows users have no real need of .MOV format, so if you have never used or viewed it because you are a windows user, please DO NOT ANSWER THIS POLL.

Mac users – I will upload the files in the same quality that the films are edited in whether they are WMV or MP4 – I ask this as MP4 is a universal medium which I know plays beautifully on iPads and Macs… so is Quicktime really necessary? Please don’t be an arse and just vote yes thinking you will make me work harder… it’s not about that, I genuinely want to offer you the best options but don’t want to upload anything if it’s not necessary (with MP4 being there already – for example)

IP addresses, anon proxies & cookies are logged so if you attempt to vote more than once, it won’t allow you to, so don’t try…

I ask this as I hope it helps create a better download experience for all. Thank you.

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