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Well, I just wanted to say “thank you” to those that wrote to me about the “Spanked & Diapered” film that I had uploaded on Monday without warning for you good folk… from now on I will be keeping you all on your toes, no announcements of the exact films in future, I think this is much more fun to keep you guessing, eh? Don’t forget that at the end of the week I have what I think is by far the best Amelia Jane Rutherford film I have ever seen in a spanking movie… you will see it later this week and can decide for yourselves! Trust me, everything about this film is just wonderful… the interaction between schoolgirls Amelia and Sarah, their bickering, fighting, complaining… Sarah’s spanking of her and then I come in (and ruin it, lol) – no, then it’s my turn to spank both girls and then save a special punishment for Amelia… all will become clear this Friday! I have already replied from the kind feedback from the “S & D” film ( as I call it) with naughty Adriana Evans being the star of the moment… Fetlife is covered with her featuring in another Diapering movie too… I of course aided that by uploading a few on my images to Fetlife so she has been trending quite a bit earlier this evening! I can’t wait to hook up with her again and make even better naughtier and utterly fantasy driven punishment movies that I haven’t even dreamt up yet!

I said she was trending… well, I have what I consider the best new F/F film this week which Adriana admitted certainly got her into her subspace, I should know, I was helping to film this hot piece of spanking and punishment erotica for Sarah’s site – – this is what Sarah does best as a top to a female: she knows what they want, what they need and she knows just how far to push them to their limits without truly pissing them off. This has erotic punishment ¬†written all over it, as you’ll see from the images (the images are also much larger now and look fantastic). This was a little more BDSM-y but it works as Adriana plays a sub coming for her weekly session with Sarah (incidently, Sarah DOES have female clients!) – Right… let’s see why I rate this as the BEST new F/F spanking film released this week!

The weekly Session – now out to view only from


It’s Adriana’s regular session time and she shows up for the usual with Mistress Sarah. This consists of stripping down before straddling the spanking bench for a hand warm-up spanking followed by numerous leather implements. Next she is cuffed to the cross for some sexy strapping, paddling, caning, and flogging. This is a super hot and hard spanking video you don’t want to miss.


0164_weekly_session_gal1-005 0164_weekly_session_gal1-010

0164_weekly_session_gal1-011 0164_weekly_session_gal1-013



0164_weekly_session_gal1-028 0164_weekly_session_gal1-029 0164_weekly_session_gal1-032


Told you this was HOT! You can click HERE to view the Full 1920×1080 HD versions of this movie!

or view as part of the double site package saving over $10 with a combined membership (see below)


Yikes, I need a cold shower…



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  • Marnie

    The photo shopped red blush id doing you no good at all.

  • Marnie: In the interests of responding to positive and in your case, negative, feedback… These are not my pics so I didn’t do them but I was there on cams and can safely say this was a good hard erotic spanking punishment… Adriana shot something like 10 or 12 films between us that day and her butt got real sore by the end… this was one of those films near the end so her bottom really did glow beautifully. If you knew anything about filming and spanking shoots, filming that much (Sarah’s films are long too) that’s an awful lot and far more than we normally shoot nowadays… she is a hell of a girl who really can take a spanking. Thank you for taking time to write in.

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