Better Late than Never

As I write this tonight, within a few hours we will know if Scotland decides to stay as part of the union that is the UK (United Kingdom) or not… they are counting the votes as I type this and I would prefer they stay as part of the UK… however, as an Englishman, I have seen some interesting arguments for Scottish independence but too many questions remained unanswered over currency and what would happen to pensions and so on… but south of the border, we are fed up paying through the noses for things the Scots never have to pay for, and part of that is their devolution… perhaps it will start a revolution in England too… within the next generation I don’t think our united “Kingdom” will be one… but that is rather small minded when as a people we should embrace ourselves, I think we are better together as a whole rather than divided or apart. Plus the flag is rather kick ass… I’d be upset to see the blue bit go 😉



OK, I have been really busy these past few days and behind the scenes there’s lots going on… I have a new film and plenty of new galleries as I caycg up so members get another bumper week including yet another “Freaky Friday” bonus that I haven’t covered here… that will be shown in my next blog post here (it’s a cheergirl special). Right, enough of my waffling: here is the latest film, out now to download with Alex Reynolds and Zoe Page. You may have seen the brief clip yesterday in my last post… Zoe is a very naughty British girl guide who has some fun at the expense of trusting and naive exchange girl scout, Alex, from America. It’s a very funny film and I can tell you Zoe ad libbed A LOT in this, and the chemistry between the girls was hilarious… but of course we are not “The Comedy Channel” – there is also the spanking element and it’s good… very camp and pervy thanks to Zoe who dines out on Alex’s humiliation at what is happening to her! Plus it fuelled my own selfish and pervy girl on girl uniform fetish too. Hopefully you will agree 🙂

“The Hot Bully” – with Alex Reynolds & Zoe Page, out at last!!!


British Girl Guide, Zoe Page, spotted an innocent exchange Girl Scout (Alex Reynolds from America) looking lost at the Old School Building where an International Guide & Scouting Conference was supposed to be held. Zoe knew it had been cancelled as she had only found out herself not long & and she was annoyed. So like a cat toying with a mouse, she decided to have some fun to see just how far she could play with this cute innocent lost girl scout for her own selfish pleasure. Naive Alex took everything said literally, she was so trusting & had no concept of deceit or why anyone could lie to her that this made Zoe’s twisted playtime so much easier! After almost making out with Alex & describing her various “sexual” badges she’d earnt, Zoe found a perfect excuse to spank & punish Alex with her bare hand & riding crop she used for her real horse riding badge! Zoe was very persuasive in getting Alex to remove her panties & get her bare bottom thrashed a beautiful shade of red. See Zoe “perve out” on such innocence & watch how she played with her trusting new “bestie”.

 hotb015 hotb020

hotb023 hotb026

hotb028 hotb031

hotb033 hotb034

There is a free clip of this film (below)

The FULL clip is in both HD WMV and MP4 playback… check out some screen images of the film too (below)

hb002 hb046 hb049

hb062 hb142 hb172

All images shown here are reduced in size compared to what members at can download



Other galleries that members can view this week compliment films that have been shown recently… I have six images from each to showcase what you can see alongside the full length HD films! It has been a very busy week again!!!

Attitude Adjustment  – (I thought I had edited and put these images up, but it was from an HD film nearly a year ago with Sarah Gregory that I did at Shadowlane 2013… and she looked stunning… the start of a beautiful relationship, ha!)

Sarah could be a real brat when she didn’t get her way! She had embarrassed John at the company dinner in which he had travelled a long way to come visit her and his American colleagues. He cut short his dinner meeting with that knowing eye to his compatriots and took Sarah back to their room for a showdown and her inevitable punishment that only couples do so intimately! Sarah looked stunning in her red dress and John wasted no time throwing her over his knee for a spanking. But he wanted to be sure that this super sassy brat was fully contrite and told her to slowly undress for him. Sarah was secretly excited and still answered back to ensure she got more whackings on her bare bottom as she jiggled her butt cheeks provocatively to tease him. John could see her excitement as he removed her panties to reveal a glistening pussy that had betrayed her attitude! Normally John would have ended the punishment there and then and had his way but he wanted to ensure that Sarah would be contrite and learn her lesson this time that she couldn’t always have her own way! Witness this hot red blooded spanking and leather paddling as you enjoy the sight of Sarah Gregory as you’ve never seen her before. A stunning grown up spanking film that both John and Sarah loved making for you and which will appeal to lovers of domestic spanking erotica!

red016 red019

red030 red040

red049 red059


& of course some bonus images of Kami Robertson too… the aftermath shots of her spanking in red dropseat PJs… these images are great and capture the mood of the film.

Another rare chance for fans of Kami Robertson to see a new movie! She was dressed in a stunning outfit of red and white dropseat pajamas. In this short sharp shock film, Kami decided that she didn’t want to get up for school and made every excuse possible refusing to get out of bed in the morning. Her legal guardian didn’t have the time or inclination to argue and talk this nonsense out of her and threatened the brat with a temperature taking and a spanking. Her shame and guilt were confirmed so he gave her a quick, hard and humiliating spanking on her bed, pulling down the dropseats to reveal her peachy bottom which fans of Miss Robertson will find most appealing! This film comes with a bonus HD1080 MOV version.

kami004 kami007

kami010 kami012

kami015 kami019

You can see all the FREE Clips and what is out right now at



the films can be viewed as one time downloads if you wish as well…

They can be viewed at the AAA Clips Store in various formats of your choice.


Goodnight… and look at the close result of one of the votes in Scotland tonight!!! OMG!

So far, in the smaller areas where counts have come through, including some nationalist areas…
The NO Vote has been winning! Here’s to the United Kingdom!


2 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

  1. I too would hate to see Scotland go, but you can’t really blame them for not wanting to be party to the debt incurred by all the immigration, Muslim and otherwise, and the cost of putting all those people and their kids on the dole, and also the negative impact on the British culture as a result of all that immigration as well. England needs to put a halt to this nonsense. It’s way out of hand.

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