Keep Calm – More Spankings Coming!

One thought on “Keep Calm – More Spankings Coming!

  1. I love to spank a pretty girls butt, make no doubt about it, but I know there are several interesting components to this fetish, really a pretty girl in a position , keeping that position is very erotic, just a few words by her or the spanker like, I need a spanking) and then position, tears , crying is a big turn on. a sad countenence is better than smiles, having nearly no clothing on to begin , some waiting is erotic, ,..a submissive personality by the spankee is erotic, and its very
    erotic to not spank really hard or too fast, as a longtime, musician, drummer, guitarist, a slow steady smack is also erotic because just like dancing or music, ther has to be correct timing , to arousal , I am a fformer entertainer, and I love you girls out there,..I am also a 3rd generation dominant male ,,,its in my blood

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