Still United and Still Updating

keep-calm-we-re-still-the-united-kingdomWell… that was a tense evening I spent watching some of the votes coming in on the question of Scottish Independence… I went to bed late but knowing that when I woke up, barring a complete disaster for the “No” camp – I’d still be waking up in the UK… however, it was a reasonably close vote at 55% voting to stay in the UK and 45% wanting to go it alone. with a massive turnout, nearly 90% of those eligible to vote did so! Amazing!!! The larger majorities in the poorer areas of Glasgow and Dundee as a whole voted for independence but by and large the rest of Scotland continued to vote it down. Anyway, this has far reaching repercussions… as the English, myself included, are now thinking “what about us?” – I have stood by and watched the Scots get more and more power and devolution (whilst not being fully independent) and in a bizarre twist of events, the Scots can legislate and make some of their own laws already, but we English are subject to the Scottish govt members voting on, or helping to make policy with others on something south of the border which I am starting to find a little odd in light of what has happened. This has come to the attention of our Govt in Westminster who are debating what should be done and I’d expect the Welsh and Northern Irish to push for more autonomy whilst we are all within the umbrella that is the United Kingdom. Time will tell, but I feel a groundbreaking constitutional reform is on the cards – exciting times indeed!

& as promised though a little late, here is that naughty and wonderfully fun cheerleader update I was talking about last time. I very nearly couldn’t find the original images that I had taken, but eventually I found them… tsk! Thank goodness, as the images you are about to see are smaller versions of what members can download right now, a complimentary 80 image stills set based on the old principles of the Blushes magazine: I changed the colouring a bit and included black and white images to signify what one of the girls was thinking and imagining… all will become clear when you take a look at the images and the story that I made up for this stills set! It stars 2 new girls for me – Chessie Kay & Harry Amelia. In an awesome reto style cheer girl uniform out of the 1980’s that I got while I was in America.


Not much of a storyline to this, as it’s just a special bonus set of images which we enjoyed taking that are now being shown here. This was after we had made a special custom film for a client who insisted we use both girls together. It was a girl/girl movie and so John wanted in on the action afterwards (you know his fetish for cheerleader costumes!). In order to make it interesting we created a retro feel with the images with the style of an old spanking magazine that John loved (his favouraite is Blushes, it always has been). You will see the girls waiting for a discipline session for fighting in cheer practice… but brunette Harry was really fed up waiting next to blonde Chessie … and the girls soon started to fight again until John brokes it up! However, Harry imagined beating the hell out of John too, with the help of Chessie when he was lecturing them and promising both girls a more humiliating spanking in front of each other for fighting again. However, back to reality… it wasn’t happening – and both girls took their spanking in turn, in front of each other as he had promised… until both their bottoms were sore and visably glowing red! He left them alone for some cornertime which gives us a chance to see the beautiful markings of a well spanked bare bottom on each girl!

cheer005 cheer006

cheer010 cheer021 cheer024

cheer028 cheer030

Harry then imagines what it would be like to punch, kick and get Chessie to join in on beating me up!

cheer031 cheer032

cheer036 cheer040

But reality comes back all too soon for them both as I took them over my knee! Hoorah!

Harry was first as she was dragged over my knee for a spanking in front of a wide eyed Chessie!

cheer044 cheer048

cheer050 cheer056

Followed by Chessie who had to suffer the same fate, now watched by Harry!

cheer057 cheer072

cheer073 cheer076

Both girls are left to reflect in their corner time… it would appear they tried to soothe each other’s sore bottoms!


This update, along with the many that I have featured this week has made it another memorable week for members at – I hope you liked this little diversion as we head into the weekend! have a good one… I intend to!



This film is available as a FULL download at the AAA Clips Store

2 thoughts on “Still United and Still Updating

  1. If more people voted in the USA, I doubt if the wealth of the nation and the congress would be under the control of the “one percent”, but it’s a shame that the people who do vote here tend to be extremists, one way or the other. However, as Winston Churchill said, “The trouble with democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter”…LOL!

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