The Annual 2014 Spanking Awards


I was rather disappointed to see that no spanking awards either side of The Atlantic were made last year for 2013, so I have decided to rekindle that and hopefully you will all like what you see as you vote for your fave categories. I loved seeing the nominations and the anticipation of the voting until we had a result. Now as it seems Gabe’s Spanking Spot is now archived and he has moved on – I am concerned that no one will nominate, or that it will take too much of my time when I make this public, but I am  willing to try, so please bear with me. basically all nominations will be pretty much the same for the categories you remember, however, as people used to vote for theoir favourite sites rather than most improved – I will add a category, is that ok?

Also, since I am running or collating all the info, I have decided in the interests of fairness and nepotism not to include my own site this year – or my blog, feel free to nominate me, lol, but I won’t include it. This is my sacrifice I make! I thought I’d get this out now so you are aware that you should start thinking about nominations on anything you’ve seen, watched or been involved in over this past year!

Right… we can not vote unless we have nominations and that of course is up to you! So for the first time I would like you all to think long and hard for this is a GLOBAL event. I therefore ask you to consider nominations to honour our outstanding fellow spankers/producers/bloggers and such.  However, your favorites can not win unless you nominate them!



The Rules are much the same as I remember them,  I have however added a category as I mentioned on previous awards.


  1. You CAN nominate more than one person, scene, site, blog etc per category. All will be considered but no more than 3 per category or I will go mad collating this information.
  2. You are encouraged and CAN nominate yourself or your site.  To all those amazing Spanking Producers/Sites and bloggers feel free to send me some Xmas money (only kidding!) – Paypal account to follow! tee hee.
  3. I reserve the RIGHT to select which ones will be voted on if there are too many in a category.
  4. DO NOT COMPLAIN if you don’t nominate someone and your favourite is not voted upon.
  5. All scenes, people, sites, blogs etc are eligible if they were RELEASED from December 1 2013 to November 30 2014. (this is the date nominations close)  – So if you find your favuorite retired or semi retired sub/spankee has a long lost video out that was released during this time then they are eligible! (yay)
  6. Nominations are OPEN until the voting begins on that category.
  7. Voting will begin on December 1st 2014 and continue on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the rest of the year.
  8. Winners will be announced after the New Year.
  9. Please do take your time to nominate from both sides of The Atlantic and beyond if you think a spanker/spankee/website or blog is worthy of consideration – the only exception to any spanking site category is that it can not be a solely Clips 4 Sale site – I will not count these and will ignore the nomination.


  • The Categories
  • Most Improved Spanking Site
  • Best Spanking Site
  • Best Facial Expression during a Spanking
  • New Spankee of the Year (2013/14)
  • Spanking Blog of the Year (News)
  • Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative)
  • Full Length Spanking Movie of the Year (40 Mins+)
  • Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/F
  • Hardest/Best Spanking Scene M/F
  • Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/M
  • You can choose HARDEST or BEST or both & let me know – this is nominations only at this stage
  • Spanker/Top of the Year (can be male or female)
  • Spankee /Sub of the Year  (can be male or female)

To nominate for one or all of the Categories (nominate for as many or as little as you feel at this stage, thank you)

Simply comment on this or any of the other posts that I will tediously remind you of over the next month or so. Or if you are shy and cannot comment feel free to email me (you should know the address by now it is in the about me section) or join thsi together – eubilling (at) – and your selection will be considered.  Good luck to everyone, friends, spankees and spankers.  Remember, your favourite/favorite can not win unless they are nominated!  So get to work – I now need to ask Gabe (if he is still alive) where I can get the coveted Golden Buttocks for the awards, lol! 🙂

22 thoughts on “The Annual 2014 Spanking Awards

  1. Most Improved Spanking Site – Spanked in Uniform, Momma spankings

    Best Spanking Site – firmhandspanking
    Best Facial Expression during a Spanking – Sarah Gregory, Mandie Rae

    New Spankee of the Year – Stacy Stockton (firmhand) Maddy Marks (ATp and clare fonda sites)

    Spanking Blog of the Year (News) – cutiepies sexy spankings

    Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative) – cherryred report

    Full Length Spanking Movie of the Year (40 Mins+) – All her fault, mommaspankings

    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/F – Dana Specht on Sarah Gregory or Miss Chris on Sarah in Lying daughter

    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene M/F – strappings and paddlings by Michael Masterson on Monica at real sites

    Spanker of the Year – Clare Fonda

    Spankee of the Year – Christy Cutie

    Can I also suggest a hardest female to male category?
    Sarah Bright’s cold caning of David

  2. Good idea about F/M category… guys, please include M/M here too if you feel this warrants anything you’ve seen worthy of nomination. I have now added the F/M category. This section could get very ouchy!

    Congrats on being the first to nominate, Griffin.

  3. Most Improved Site: Punishedbrats
    Best Site: Northern spankings
    Best Facial Expression during a Spanking: Adriana Evans
    New Spankee of the Year: Gigi Allens
    Spanking Blog of the Year (News): Cameraman’s Spankingview
    Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative): Alex Reynolds Spankingland
    Spanker of the Year: David Pierson and Paul Kennedy
    Spankee of the Year: Alex Reynolds, Gigi Allens, Adriana Evans

    I don’t know others, thanks for doing this again.

  4. Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/F – Dana Specht on Sarah
    Best Facial expressions during spanking…SarahGregory…AlexReynolds
    Best Spanker…KeithJones …Ralph Marvel
    Best Spankee…Sarahgregory, AlexRetnolds, TenAmorette, EricaScott
    Full Length Spanking Movie of the Year (40 Mins+) – All her fault, mommaspankings
    Best spanking sites..Sarahgregoryspnaking
    Spanking Blog….EricaScott BlogSpot

  5. May I also state that I disagree that a hard scene makes a best scene, so I think hardest scene should be separate from best scene, cause some of the best spanking scenes are not all that hard, in fact they can be very sexy. So to put hardest and best as “Hardest/Best” kind of upsets me, does anyone else agree?

  6. While I love me some hard play, I do kind of agree that hardest and best could be two different categories. The more awards the merrier, right?! Also, what qualifies as a new spankee for this? When the awards were being done on the other site, he was strict about the fact that no one could be nominated who had appeared in a video the year before the contest year, but I find this fairly silly. (Also, none of the “new spankees” listed so far qualify by that definition!)

    I don’t want to nominate in all the categories, but I have a few to add to!

    Best Facial Expression during a Spanking – Adrianna Evans
    New Spankee of the Year – I was impressed with Rosy Ann, being brand new and 18 years old and all that.
    Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative) – Erica Scott’s LLS DEFINITELY deserves this award! My full support to it!
    Spanker/Top of the Year (can be male or female) – Pandora Blake has really embraced the topping role, especially doing hot stuff in the past year.

  7. Yes that’s fine, I will amend. I only copied what was originally voted for in the past

    I won’t be as strict as before about NEW spankee since no award at all was run last year anywhere! 🙂

  8. This is interesting, I’ve not had too many comments at the various places I’ve left nominations for the voting process, but I have had a lot of mails from various anonymous email accounts (gmail hotmail yahoo etc)
    I’m accepting those nominations as it won’t have any bearing on the actual voting process.
    When it comes to voting, you only need to click the option available (I’m hoping to narrow it down to about 4 or 5 per section…) if you don’t like it when it comes to voting, then PLEASE nominate your preferred choices to be voted on, simple, eh?
    I will ignore bleating about choices when this process begins next month.

    Oh, & thanks to a couple of you guys nominating me and Triple A in a category, however, it won’t be voted on, lol!

  9. Most of the people that I wanted to nominate were already nominated so I won’t bother re-stating them. I’ll just go ahead and post a few picks that I didn’t see on the list yet.

    Full Length Spanking Movie (40+ mins): My Summer With Aunt Melissa, L.A.P. Productions
    Spanker of the Year (Female): Amber Pixie Wells, Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory, Audrey Knight
    Spankee of the Year (Male): Stefan Rhyzkhov
    Spanker of the Year (Male): Paul “Tubaman” Rogers
    Best Spanking Site: Dreams of Spanking, Spanking Tube (Does that one count?)
    Spanking Blog: A Spanko World (I doubt I’ll get any votes but hey, I’ll give it a shot and nominate myself!)

    Can’t wait for the voting to begin! 🙂

  10. Chief,
    I’ve just run across this, too, and hope I’m not too late to nominate in a few categories – although I’ll likely not be the first for any of the nominees. (Also will post about the awards on my blog with a link for folks to participate.)

    Thanks for doing this – it’ll be a ton of fun for all of us and an enormous pain in the tush for you.~

    Most Improved Spanking Site – ATPs new site is pretty, there’s a ton of content, and who doesn’t love Christy Cutie?

    Best Spanking Site – I’ll likely vote for Dreams of Spanking here, no matter how many years you hold the vote. Pandora and her team make gorgeous spanking films.

    New Spankee of the Year (2013/14) – Ella Hughes (from Spanking Sarah and English Spankers) and Fiona Murphy.

    Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative) – Erica Scott Life Love and Spanking.

    Spanker/Top of the Year (can be male or female) – Dana Specht.

    Spankee /Sub of the Year (can be male or female) – Joelle Barros.

  11. Most Improved Spanking Site
    Argh, I would so nominate Triple A for this!

    Best Spanking Site
    Obviously I want to put my site Dreams of Spanking in the running, so I’m going to do that, but I adore Northern Spanking and Spanking Sarah too (and love that Sarah has now launched a F/M site!)

    Best Facial Expression during a Spanking
    Erica Scott

    New Spankee of the Year (2013/14)
    Female: Vix Vixxxen (or Lola Marie if she’s new enough?)
    Male: Alexander Knight or David Weston

    Spanking Blog of the Year (News)
    The Spanking Galleries or Best Spanking Blogs

    Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative)
    Alex in Spankingland and Erica Scott, Life Love and Spanking

    Full Length Spanking Movie of the Year (40 Mins+)

    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/F
    Okay – more shameless plugs of my own content!
    The Seating Plan (me and Ten Amorette) (both) or Spanking Zahra Stardust (me and Zahra Stardust) (best)

    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene M/F
    Day Ten of Her Training (Thomas Cameron/Leia Ann Woods) (best)
    The Workaholic (Paul Kennedy/Erica Scott) (both)

    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/M
    Slight Damage to the Rear End (Molly Malone / John Beecroft)

    Spanker/Top of the Year (can be male or female)
    Paul Kennedy, Sarah Bright

    Spankee /Sub of the Year (can be male or female)
    Molly Malone, Christy Cutie

  12. Hi everyone…

    Please keep those nominations coming everyone! With 2 weeks to go it is getting interesting!!!

    I am collating them here, on Fetlife and other blogs I have placed the links to (if there’s any comments there) and an enormous response by email, so many that I have had to place them all in a special folder! There are some interesting choices and some I’d choose myself. A big “thank you” to everyone that has nominated so far. This is a bigger task than I thought – eeps!

    The email address is still eubilling (at) for those that prefer to not show their nominations here (I guess) but I’d prefer them here as it would be more transparent for everyone but that is YOUR decision and every nomination helps decide what will be voted on. I have decided rather than flood the choices to choose top 5 or 6 nominations for each section… I think that is fair

    Also here are the sections low on overall nominations as there are too many with 2 or 3 votes to be nominated and I guess they are more difficult to decide on rather than the spnkee/spankers or websites which are MASSIVELY nominated on… (I can tell you there are some real surprises so far, thsi is going to be exciting!!!)

    What are low on nominations are:

    Full Length Spanking Movie of the Year (40 Mins+)
    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/F

    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene M/F

    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/M

    This last one especially, this is the lowest count. I have just gone through everything and counted just 7 nominations overall for 7 scenes which is kind of difficult to include in a vote if it remains that way and in the interests of trying to stay as impartial as I can… I wouldn’t want to suggest any as that would be unfair too! Does that make sense?

    Please feel free to re-submit anything if you haven’t already nominated on the above sections. Thank you so much!


  13. most improved site Triple A.Spankings ,best sp site all 5 of Cameramans ,Punished Brats ,Firm Hand Spankings ,best facial expression Mandie Mae Amelia Jane ,Christy Cutie,new sp.of the year Veronica Ricci ,Ashley Rose sp blog news Cutiepies Spanking Blogg ,creative Cherry Red blog Chross s ,full length cant decide ,Hardest Sarah Bright ff,Snow ,mf John ,Mr Stern ,The Cameraman ,spankee of the year Veronica Ricci ,Christy Cutie Amelia Jane Spanker of year Veronica Ricci ,Chelsea Audrey of Punished Brats ,golly it was so hard to choose full length one Northern Spanking school theme one ,best ,Tim.

  14. I’m quite a fan of Dreams of Spanking so I have one or two nominations from there.

    As the hardest f/m category is low, perhaps ‘the Clone’s Training’ from DoS – it’s just 6 strokes but it’s pretty solid stuff.
    Best facial expression – some of Pandora’s expressions during the excellent film ‘the seating plan’ on DoS, and that’s pretty much my favourite F/F of the year.
    New spankees – I guess she’s not completely new, but as she seems to be branching out a little, it was good to see Honesty on English Spankers. She’s a delightfully shaped woman.
    Best male top – Paul Kennedy has continued to do some great films.
    Best female top – Zoe Montana’s pretty scary. Molly Malone is also quite stern, eg Slight Damage to the rear end on DoS
    Blogs – quite like yours! Good regular reviewing of what’s being produced.


  15. Best Spanking site-Punished Brats.

    Most improved spanking site- Punished Brats.

    Best Facial Expression During a spanking-Sarah Gregroy,Sarah Gregory Spanking.Mandie Rae Punished Brats.

    New Spankee of the year-Mandie Rae.

    Spanking Blog of the Year News- Cutipies’s Sexy Spankings.

    Spanking Blog of the Year Creative-Cherry Red Report,get your daily spanking,Sarah Gregory Spanking.

  16. Oh, can I still add things? Probably not. If so, can I nominate “The Other School” on Dreams of Spanking for best M/F film? (It’s technically M/FFFF, but I think it counts?)
    I’m kind of obsessed with it right now. 😛

  17. I always love this feature. It may be too late for this, but I’d suggest you add a category for POV videos since they don’t quite fall into the other categories. I’d nominate “Johnny’s Haircut” from for that.

    Other votes:
    Best Facial Expression during a Spanking: Kami Robertson
    Spanking Blog of the Year (Creative) Erica Scott Life Love and Spanking.
    Hardest/Best Spanking Scene F/F
    Best Spanking Scene M/F: “Johnny’s Haircut” (if no POV category – otherwise “Busy day” from
    Spanker/Top of the Year: Penny Barber from
    Spankee /Sub of the Year : Juliet Valentina from Punished Brats

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