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After yesterday’s little Brit-love spanking festival that I hope you enjoyed (it got some nice retweets on the Twittersphere) – I thought I’d pop back over to the West Coast of the USA and visit what is going on currently at – in fact, as a standalone site, it is truly massive with archives stretching back 10 years or so… add to that the attraction that is is (in my opinion) the main site that makes up the Clare Fonda Pass (giving you an option to join this site and up to 4 others for a fraction of the combined cost) – and this site, or the package, is a very attractive possibility. Who is it aimed at? Anyone who loves girl on girl spankings & punishments… as the title of this site indicates, of course! What you may or may not know is the site is broken down into 3 distinct sections – DISCIPLINARY – EROTIC – SENSUAL –  & today I will bring you the news updates from the very latest films from each of those sections.

Sexual Harassment (Day 3) – taken from the Erotic Section

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Gigi Allens is still sore from the last spanking she got from her worker Allison Tyler. So sore, in fact, that she is home sitting on a pillow and called in sick to work. Well Allison is not having it. She storms into Gigi’s dining room and takes Gigi’s temperature – rectally. Discovering that Gigi was faking being sick, Allison is compelled to give Gigi a sound over-the-knee spanking. Well, Gigi is the boss and the boss always spanks back! Followed by a kiss. Perhaps these two are growing fond of each other.

Next up from the Disciplinary Section (this is the home of all the legendary “Exclusive Education” series) is a film between Clare Fonda, who makes another welcome return… and new girl Ivy Sherwood. Clare typically pervs out on Ivy, abusing her position of trust and then pays the price, lol! Classic Clare Fonda!


New swim Coach Clare pays a surprise visit to her star swimmer Ivy Sherwood to make a personal introduction and to take Ivy’s “measurements” for a new swim suit. She fondles Ivy a bit, before Ivy wakes up, shocked to discover her new coach in her room, violating her space. Ivy will tell the dean on Clare, unless Clare agrees to be punished for this intrusion. Ivy humiliates Clare, ordering her to strip, and turns Clare’s bum bright red with a hand and hairbrush spanking.

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See MORE of Clare getting her comeuppance HERE

Finally from the “Sensual Spanking” section – A Mom/Daughter Spanking scene with gorgeous new girl, Elektra Rose , who you can see far more of in a whole series of intro films at – part of the Clare Fonda Pass of course.

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Elektra went from a never been spanked model, to jumping into doing a special Halloween spanking shoot for us just in time for that scary day. Ms Fiona X plays her mom, who spanks her young daughter for wearing a slutty outfit and posting photos on social media just before going to her Halloween Party. This was a very realistic scene!

Feel free to check out all the latest film updates now showing… and of course an extensive preview section of the 3 areas I have highlighted above – CLICK HERE to see more from Girl Spanks Girl

This site is part of the Clare Fonda Pass – access up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost



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  1. John yes Girl Spanks Girl is a great site as is Spanked Sweeties with lovely girls spanked by other cute girls and the more recent sites fro the Cameraman ,Spanked Callgirls ,Spanked Sorority Girls and My Spanking Roommate and the new one with VeronicaSpanking Vernica Works ,best,Tim.

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