Most Improved Spanking Site Nominees

To give the 2 final categories for voting maximum impact, these will be separated by a few days: The final category will be BEST spanking site. The sites below are the ones which were basically most nominated and requested to be included in THIS category – so now you have a chance to say which is the most improved, please do not vote for a site because you think it is the best, there is a category coming for that and I can tell you there are many sites not featured here which will be in the running for that award! Please try to vote for the one you think really has improved over the past year. It’s a coveted title and one which producers and webmasters starting out or changing something about their websites like to have recognition for. Here are the nominees! (I so wish I could have included my site in this one but I want to remain as impartial as possible even though I got nominated in both despite me saying NOT to, lol!)

ATP – Assume the Position Studios


Dana Kane Spanks


Firm Hand Spanking


Hand Spanking


Marked Butts


Momma Spankings


Punished Brats




Spanked in Uniform


Spanking Sorority Girls


I realize this and the final category is difficult and it is limited to 10 sites each so you are allowed to vote up to 2 sites at once, you don’t have to… but that option is open if you really can not split a couple of sites apart! Results for this will be made available on Friday 9th January 2015.

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