Spanking Awards 2014 – 1st Nominations



Here we go… the 1st 4 categories are ready for you to vote on. I’m a little behind so that is why you have 4 sections to vote on, covering the best blogs and the best facial expressions in a scene and the NEW Spankee of the Year (which looks set to be rather interesting as I have included 2013/2014 since there were no votes made last year. the Spankee/Spanker and site nominations are always the most difficult and hotly contested so I thought I’d introduce one early to get you going! All nominations are the top, I have discarded many that just had 2 or 3 as the list would have been endless and I need to condense this to no more than 10 which is a wide choice indeed but I have discovered that around 6-8 choices should suffice as they tend to be the stand out nominations. OK get voting, show your support for your favorites.

All nominations are in alphabetical order and in no order of preference:

Best Spanking Blog (News) – please check out the chosen blogs & decide for yourselves.

All Things Spanking

Best Spanking Blogs

CherryRed Report


Cutiepie’s Sexy Spankings

Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking blog

Richard Windsor

Voice in the Corner

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Best Spanking Blog (creative) 

Alex (Reynolds) in Spankingland

Bonnie Gets Spanked

Erica Scott – Life, Love & Spanking

Hermione’s Heart


Over the Desk 

Pandora Blake’s Spanked not Silenced

Snowflake Roasting Service 

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Best Facial Expression during a Spanking

adriana1 adriana2 adriana3
Adriana Evans
images c/o Sarah Gregory Spanking & Punishedbrats

amelia1 amelia2 amelia3
Amelia Jane Rutherford
images c/o SarahGregorySpanking DreamsOfSpanking English-Spankers

belinda1 belinda2 belinda3
Belinda Lawson
images c/o

joelle1 joelle2 joelle3
Joelle Barros
images c/o

mandie1 mandie2 mandie3
Mandie Rae 
images c/o Sarah Gregory Spanking & Punishedbrats

sarah1 sarah2 sarah3
Sarah Gregory
images c/0 Sarah Gregory Pass

stacy1 stacy2 stacy3
Stacy Stockton
images c/o

veronica1 veronica2 veronica3
Veronica Ricci
images c/o Clare Fonda Pass

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Best Spankee Newcomer 2014

chessie1 chessie2

Chessie Kay images c/o

elektra0 elektra1
Elektra Rose
images c/o


Ella Hughes images c/o


Gigi Allens images c/o

fiona fiona1

Fiona Murphy images c/o

maddy1 maddy2

Maddie Marks images c/o

penny penny1

Penny Stone images c/o

stacy2 stacy3

Stacy Stockton images c/o

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This has taken longer to set up than I had realized so I hope that you take this in the spirit provided and vote for your faves – more nominations for other categories coming soon! Have a good weekend. I will be reporting on news footage of what happened today in London, England (regards the ongoing #PornProtest and there were some female faces from the spanking that you will all recognize too!)

15 thoughts on “Spanking Awards 2014 – 1st Nominations

  1. Bloggers & models/sites etc – feel free to link to it to help your cause or RT on Twitter. I think those who don’t will be losing out (can’t say who, of course)


  2. Renee:
    There have been no nominations for such a category but it’s a good idea if we could have garnered enough choice and support before in the nomination stages. I have had some issues with a few categories this year and can not suggest any to fill in as that would influence people. I will let y’all know that a few categories are withdrawn as I had just a handful of nominations… you will see in due course. So I think what I will do in future (if I run this again) is ask producers to submit their stuff for consideration which should help.
    The easiest and over subscribed areas are to do with simple things like voting for sites/blogs and people, of course!

    Great idea though and one I won’t forget 🙂

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in with my votes! Such a fine array of talent to choose from! I want thank them all for all their spectacular work!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    It is all there my end so I can’t replicate your error.
    I just checked the poll admin area and people are still voting (incl your blog 🙂
    Maybe you can you refresh your browser/clear cache or send me a screenshot if you think it isn’t there still?
    send to the usual address: eubilling at


  5. Hermione – it’s my readers and on Fetlife etc where I posted the Spanking Awards that you have to thank, not me 🙂

    Feel free to ask your readers to help support you… more nominations will be up this week!

  6. Hi

    It was a fan on Twitter that directed me here and told me I was up for a nomination (I wouldn’t have known otherwise)

    Thank you for nominating me, it’s amazing to think I’m liked that much 🙂

  7. voted on few of them good luck all model that in run thanks for all your spanking hard work just think all your spankings might help you win awards lol

  8. I am soooooooooo behind in my reading and keeping up with things related to TTWD. I had no idea that All Things Spanking was a nominee, and am totally embarrassed to have not acknowledged that honor before now. All of the nominees are fantastic sites, IMHO, and I am thrilled to be listed with them. That alone allows me to feel like a winner. Thanks again, and “keep those paddles popping!”

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