Creepy Dolly Spankings

Hi everyone… here’s a quick update on the latest movie now available to members at and for those who prefer to download the full movies at the Clips Store HERE

The new film stars Sarah Gregory in one of our first films we made together in New England a fair while ago at the end of 2013… it reflects one of her key obsessions…. she loves collectibles and in this case she was punished for collecting far too many dolls which had been slowly overtaking her room (in real life). Having Sarah pout and dressed up dolly-like was especially strange for us both as she said she wanted to be like one of her dolls… which I jokingly called “creepy” and told her she’d get punished even more so for that… so here is the film we made! Actually, Sarah looks far too cute and I found it hard to punish her dressed like that, she was trying her best to make me not spank her, lol!

Creepy Dolly Spankings

dolly001 dolly002 dolly003 dolly004 dolly005 dolly006 dolly007 dolly008 dolly009 dolly010 dolly011 dolly012 dolly013 dolly014 dolly015 dolly016 dolly017 dolly018 dolly019 dolly020

See the FREE clip of her spanking HERE


Incidentally, I also called it “creepy” as she had a creepy dolly you’ll see in the film that I didn’t like… if you pressed it, it would say nasty things… I think it was from a horror film… anyway, this film is also available to download in full HERE at the Clips Store too!

One thought on “Creepy Dolly Spankings

  1. John a very nice video with young Sarah looking very sweet with that o so scary doll and the nicer ones ,best from Tim to both of you chums .

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