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I had an interesting day, taking my car to a specialist about 35 Miles away. I was given a courtesy car although it was a little dirty to say the least, to which the garage owner apologized, the inside was even worse!!! However, it was such a lovely day that I had a nice distraction to go exploring this beautiful seaside resort which I hadn’t been to for so long! Oh, and of course the specialist found out what was wrong when 3 other garages couldn’t, or couldn’t be bothered… apparently the impeller in my steering fluid pump was worn so it churned out more fluid int he overflow cap which was why my poor engine was being sprayed when the pressure of the engine and the continual use of turning the steering wheel has… at least it wasn’t oil leaking in, my biggest fear! Apart from that, the car ran beautifully… as it should! (my replacement car below!)


Oh the shame of driving a filthy car, covered in various logos – oh well, not long til I get my car back… when I did eventually arrive home after a pleasnt afternoon’s diversion at this harbor town, I decided to check out the Clare Fonda sites… and also reckoned on there being a new update at one of my favorites of this group – – and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was really pleased as it showed Sarah Gregory spanking and getting spanked by redhead temptress, Veronica Ricci! The Cameraman told me my video I did with Sarah was a part of a series that Sarah and Veronica did… as I had to reference the fact that V wouldn’t try to Nickel & Dime me for every little thing that Sarah was trying to… and I mentioned this to Sarah in the video… she was pissed… as The Camerman explained that these two had history so she didn’t like me comparing the two girls… and we see that today in this update. The fact they were filmed probably 18 months apart, you couldn’t tell… Sarah and Veronica look stunning. I’m also not sure if this is the time they played together and did naughty girly stuff in private (daaaamn!), but I’d like to think so as they both looked hot… as you’ll see! Do NOT miss Sarah and Veronica in a new F/F spanking update out now from super hot

Sarah v. Veronica

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April in America is tax month – Joy! So the following is something I can understand… I also like the fact that there is no mother/daughter or schoolgirl role involved in the next film I’m showing so I could rest easy when I actually first saw the pics! It’s actually a good video and involves the storyline of a Stripper and her pissed off Accountant who has to deal with her messy crap AFTER deadline day. I have done that a few times though NEVER filed any of my taxes here late, though I bet my accountant wanted to throttle me a few times! 🙂

Can you guess what is coming? This video out now to view at

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Miss Cassie plays a tax accountant whose stripper client Vivian arrives at the last minute, a week late, with a pile of paperwork. Cassie is so upset she decides to teach this young lady a valuable lesson with a sound spanking, using her hand and a wooden ruler.

Click HERE to view this latest film update out now at Girl Spanks Girl


Finally for now…. new girl Ivy Sherwood  gets a good old fashioned hard OTK spanking from her “Momma”, played here by strict Lana Miller, who ensures her ebony booty starts to turn the obvious darker shade of “well spanked”!

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Ivy Sherwood is a tiny, amazingly pretty young lady with a nice round bottom that got spanked often when she was growing up, often by her mom (who is played sternly by Lana Miller). Ivy shares great details, and two of her spankings are re-enacted.

Click here to view all of new girl Ivy’s latest fantasy and real life spanking punishments re enacted for us on film only from Spanked Sweeties


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“Fucking Hell! I’m moving to Texas!”


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