Spankings for Girls in Trouble

A quick update before the next round of spankings gets underway! Cheerleaders are among my favorites so it is nice to see a new uniform update at covering this, and what’s more with 2 amazing girls, Masie Dee & Satine Spark!


This update is taken from the Rockford School of Dance section:

Episode 29: Satine & Masie in trouble

ep29_1 sore ass massaging her bottom rubbing ass ep29_3 ep29_4 girls rub their bare bottoms ep29_6 spanking ep29_8 white panties upskirt ep29_10 ep29_11 ep29_12

Cheerleaders Satine Spark and Masie Dee are in trouble. Satine told Masie that her mother spanked her the night before because she was late getting home and Masie took pity and offered to rub Satine’s bottom to make her feel better. Little did they realize that practice had already started and coach went looking for them. He caught them and gave them both a sound OTK spanking. In part one – Masie gets spanked.

OTK spanking episode29_a episode29_P1010386 episode29_P1010390 spanked in her knickers episode29_P1010397 episode29_P1010398 episode29_P1010400

Check out plenty more films of Satine & Masie together at this site HERE

Part 2 comes out soon featuring Satine’s turn (she looks worried) !!!

cheerleader spankings



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