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Another update post: No waffle… so let’s review 2 different sites you might want to check out! The first is Sarah Gregory Spanking and she has a great new film with Dodgy Dave, who is the uncle of bratty niece, Rosie Ann… who really plays up in her cute pajamas. It took a lot to get Dave riled, but when he was… poor Rosie’s bare bottom took the brunt of his frustrations with a good hard sound spanking (see below).


Annoying Rosie – with Rosie Ann & Dodgy Dave

0213_annoying_rosie_gal-005 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-007 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-008 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-012 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-013 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-015 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-018 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-019 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-026 0213_annoying_rosie_gal-027

Rosie is spending the weekend with her Uncle. He has been nothing but nice to her and she has been a real brat. When he is trying to read she just keeps pushing his buttons until he snaps and gives his naughty bratty niece a bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking she won’t soon forget.


See MORE of many fine punishment films like this from

sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Pass


Here’s someone I thought I’d never see spanked again… seems they unearthed the footage of Xela Chaste’s further punishments (at last!) from renowned prison punishment site Bars and Stripes in this week’s excellent new HD film update! I guess it was worth the wait!

Xela’s Solitary (Day 3)


This is the third day inmate Xela spends in solitary and every day she gets a sore bottom. This time it is prison officer Page who tawses her bottom soundly with the stinging two tailed implement.

xela_solitary3_3  xela_solitary3_2 xela_solitary3_4 xela_solitary3_5 xela_solitary3_6

below are some actual screengrabs from this film:

xela_sol3scr_1 xela_sol3scr_2 xela_sol3scr_3 xela_sol3scr_4 xela_sol3scr_5 xela_sol3scr_6


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