Spanking Awards Nominations


Below are the list of Nominated Categories, list as many or as few as you’d like.

Voting on the categories takes place in December once there is a definitive list of nominations. If you don’t nominate now you can’t vote on your faves in December!

Please leave the list in the comments section below, or if you prefer, like many do… send them by email HERE and title it “Award Nominees”

Thank you.ย 


  • Spanking blog – News style
  • Spanking blog – Creative
  • Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular)
  • Best Spanking newcomer
  • Female Spanker
  • Male Spanker
  • Female Spankee
  • *New – Spankee Lifetime Award
  • *New – Producer Lifetime Award
  • Most Improved Spanking Site 2015
  • Best Spanking Site 2015


  • (Producers Only…. contact me if I don’t contact you before end of November)
    I want want you consider your best spanking film released between Nov 2014 until end of October 2015 on your site of choice. I will contact you with a brief synopsis and helpful images to be sent to my email address so I can show these for voting, thank you.

56 thoughts on “Spanking Awards Nominations

  1. Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular)
    Mandie Rae (all of her facial expressions are amazing- will supply as needed? )
    Female Spanker – Sarah Gregory
    Female Spankee – Mandie Rae
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award – Amber Pixie Wells
    *New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award – David Pierson

  2. spanking blog news style: Chross
    spanking blog creative: Punished Brats blog
    Best Spankee facial expression: Cadence Lux
    Best Spanking Newcomer: Alice Michaels
    Female spanker:Veronica Bound
    Male spanker: Jonny Stockton
    Female spankee: Rosie Ann
    Spankee Lifetime award: Rosaleen Young
    Most improved spanking site: Punished Brats
    Best spanking site Momma spankings

  3. Am I allowed to chip in as well? I’m not a professional “spanker”, but I’ve smacked enough bottoms to know what I’m talking about…lwet me know, and I’ll give it a go! -Rick

  4. Rick, these Awards are open to everyone… this is a nomination process, so just nominate as few or as many as you like and we’ll check out who should be considered for the voting process next month ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Spanking blog โ€“ News style
    Spanking blog โ€“ Creative – Alex Reynolds
    Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular) Christie Cutie
    Best Spanking newcomer Rosie Ann
    Female Spanker – Pandora Blake
    Male Spanker – Paul Kennedy
    Female Spankee – Alex Reynolds
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award – Pandora Blake
    *New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award – Pandora Blake and Dreams of Spanking
    Most Improved Spanking Site 2015 – Northern Spanking
    Best Spanking Site 2015 – Dreams of Spanking

  6. As I said previously… I can only allow sites that are still active membership sites at the time of the nomination/voting; which pains me to say that “Dreams” is not… currently, but of course Pandora’s work can still be acknowledged (spanker spankee blogs achievements etc) and I will be making a special mention on her behalf as it was sure to be a real contender – but this will be acknowledged in her site’s absence – no thanks to ATVOD in the UK.

  7. * Spanking blog โ€“ News style – Best Spanking Blogs
    * Spanking blog โ€“ Creative – Chross Blog
    * Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular) – Dani Daniels – Legal Penalties (BA) with Richard Anderson
    * Best Spanking newcomer – Dani Daniels
    * Female Spanker – Dana Kane
    * Male Spanker – Kyle Johnson
    * Female Spankee – Audrey Jeanine
    * New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award – Sinn Sage
    * New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award – Dallas Spanks Hard
    * Most Improved Spanking Site 2015 – The Spanking Galleries
    * Best Spanking Site 2015 – Firm Hand Spanking

  8. Spanking blog โ€“ News style
    Spanking blog โ€“ Creative Erica Scott Life Love Spanking
    Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular)
    Best Spanking newcomer
    Female Spanker
    Male Spanker
    Female Spankee Sara Gregory
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award Erica Scott
    *New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award
    Most Improved Spanking Site 2015
    Best Spanking Site 2015 Shadowlane Spanking

  9. Spanking blog โ€“ News style Chross
    Spanking blog โ€“ Creative Ronnie’s Soul
    Female Spanker Pandora
    Female Spankee Erica
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award Erica

  10. Spanking Blog News Style – cutiepies sexy spankings
    spanking blog creative – punished brats blog
    Female Spanker – Audrey and Bicaca Rose (punished Brats )
    Female Spankee -Audrey and Bianca Rose
    Most Improved Spanking Site – Punished Brats

  11. Spanking blog โ€“ News style: Spank Bad Ass
    Spanking blog โ€“ Creative: Erica Scott
    Best Spankee Facial Expression: Adriana Evans, Mandie Rae, Me, Amelia Jane Rutherford.
    Best Spanking newcomer: Alice Michaels, Lily Swan
    Female Spanker: Dana Specht, Miss Chris, Chelsea Pfeifer, Me
    Male Spanker: Tubaman Paul Rogers, Johnny Lake
    Female Spankee: Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds, Joelle Barros, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Me
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award: Erica Scott
    *New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award: Shadow Lane, Chelsea Pfeiffer
    Most Improved Spanking Site 2015: Momma Spankings, Sarah Gregory Spanking
    Best Spanking Site 2015: Girl Spanks Girl, Momma Spankings, Sarah Gregory Spanking

  12. Of course you’re right, Chross is news – my mistake. So, I change my nominations:
    Spanking blog โ€“ Creative: Mimi in panty wonderland, Snowflake roasting service and LUDWIG’S rohrstock-Palast

  13. I would like to submit my video The Clinical Approach, (SLV-205), starring Nikki Rouge and Violet October for consideration.
    And the following
    Spanking Blog: Alex Reynolds
    Best Spankee facial expression: Adriana Evans
    Best spanking newcomer: Violet October
    Best Female Spanker: Chelsea Pfeiffer
    Best Male Spanker: Kyle Johnson
    Best female spankee: Violet October
    Spankee Lifetime award: Sarah Gregory
    Producer Lifetime award: Clare Fonda

  14. please vote Alex Reynolds for everything but favorite male spanker

    edit from John Osborne: You mean NOMINATION… voting will take place throughout NEXT month depending on the interest derived from nominations. I hope that is clear? Thanks. J.O.

  15. Thanks, John, for wishing to give some form of special award to Pandora Blake. A tiny bit of good news from this septic isle: ATVOD is no more. Ofcom – to which I also wish a speedy demise – has taken its function in house. I fervently hope that Pandora’s brief, the splendid Myles Jackman, can wipe the floor with these authoritarian see-you-next-Tuesdays.

  16. Best spankee sarah gregory
    Best spanker sarah gregory
    Best spanking site sarah gregory spanking
    Best spanking blog cutiepies sexy spankings
    Most improved site punished brats

  17. Best female spanker SarahGregory
    Best male spanker Tubaman(Paul Rogers)
    Best female spankee SarahGregory
    Best Spanking Newcomer Alice Micheals
    Best spankee Facial expression SarahGregory
    Best male spankee KyleJohnson
    Producer Lifetime Award Julie Simone
    Agree with Alan H – a special award for Pandora Blake
    Spanking Blog – Alex Reynolds

  18. Ive kinda been a site lurker for awhile so not sure if im allowed to vote too but im gonna anyways.. I watch alootta videos and sites.

    Spanking blog โ€“ News style – Chross
    Spanking blog โ€“ Creative – Alex Reynolds
    Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular) – Stevie Rose
    Best Spanking newcomer – Marie aka Model Marie
    Female Spanker – Stevie Rose
    Male Spanker – Kyle Johhnson
    Female Spankee – Steviee Rose
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award – Erica Scott
    *New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award – Dallas (DallasSpanksHard)
    Most Improved Spanking Site 2015 – Disciplinary Arts
    Best Spanking Site 2015 – Stevie Rose’s I Heart Spankings

    Not sure iff I did this right but these are my votes, if im not allowed to vote without being industry please feel free to delete !

  19. Spanking Blog Creative โ€“ Punished Brats
    Best Spankee Facial Expression โ€“ Sarah Gregory
    Best Spanking newcomer โ€“ Alice Michaels
    Female Spanker โ€“ Alex Reynolds
    Male Spanker โ€“ David Pierson
    Female Spankee โ€“ Alex Reynolds
    Spankee Lifetime Award โ€“ Sarah Gregory
    Producer Lifetime Award โ€“ David Pierson

  20. I sent my nominations via email. I’m not 100 percent that I titled it “Award Nominees” though. You’d think that at this point I’d be good at following instructions, wouldn’t you?

  21. Oh, I forgot… the same rules as last year. Please, no C4S or clip sites/membership sites without an affiliate program (these are rare, fortunately… and affect just a few sites that I know of but I am not going to mention them as that is their policy if they don’t want to use hard to get traffic from other promoters/sources).

    I thought long and hard about this but clip stores (there is nothing to them apart from filming and uploading… I know this from experience, it is wholly different to actually running a website but I may include this in future – REMEMBER when I asked you folks to suggest categories? This wasn’t that long ago…. this is why I ask, I thought there was zero interest since nobody requested a Clips Site vote, for example… so it’s not there. Don’t ask, don’t get… right? Maybe next year ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Feel free to nominate, this is not a voting process as of yet! Nominations determine what would be popular to vote on. Keep them coming – I have lots of mails as well as the few comments left here, thank you to everyone who have provided me with your input.

    I will contact producers that have not contacted me shortly regarding THEIR favorite film and why they want to nominate it for the public vote!

  22. Best Spankee has to be bubble butt beauty Audrey from Punished Brats.

    Best Spanking Blog is cutiepies sexy spankings ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks and good luck everyone
    Jeff B.

  23. Spanking blog โ€“ News style : Chross
    Spanking blog โ€“ Creative: Erica
    Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular) : Sarah Gregory and Aubrey from Punished Brats
    Best Spanking newcomer Lexi and Alice from Sarah Gregory, Linny and Harley from Northern Spanking, Ami from Punished Brats
    Female Spanker Betty Blaze from Real Spanking, Dana from Sarah Gregory
    Male Spanker Michael from Real Spanking, David from Punished Brats
    Female Spankee Adrianna Evans, Maddy from AAA, Pandora
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award Panodora, Amerlia, Sierra S
    *New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award Chelsea from good spankings, Punished brats
    Most Improved Spanking Site 2015 Sarah Gregory, Spank in Uniform
    Best Spanking Site 2015 Real Spanking

  24. All of these folks are terrific.
    I’d like to submit Dark Dance Of The Heart and Dark Dance Of The Heart II with Bianca Rose, Joelle Barros and Audrey . Also our sci-fi epic ” The Pet ” with Penny Stone, Bianca Rose and Adriana Evans.

  25. Darn that sucks that you are ruling out C4S sites.. some of us producers have decided to use C4S as our main site, and im not sure why you would rule them out, but Disciplinary Arts (Our second and bigger site) hasnt gotten an email about participating in the producer side… Stevie Rose’s I Heart Spankings is one of the largest and top selling spanking clips sites online with over 100 models in the last year alone…

    My email is, please contact me about submitting into the producers side, and let me know if you got my votes via email! I never got a reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular) – Myself (Stevie Rose)
    Best Spanking newcomer – Miss Anna
    Female Spanker – Myself (Stevie Rose), Miss Anna
    Male Spanker – Kyle Johnson
    Female Spankee – Myself (Stevie Rose), Alex Reynolds
    *New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award – Clare Fonda
    *New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award – Clare Fonda
    Most Improved Spanking Site 2015 –
    Best Spanking Site 2015-

  27. Kyle, as I have painstakingly pointed out already… I had asked people previously (if you read this blog regularly) about a C4S nomination/category and it was met with a deafening silence. I thought about it too but decided against it in the end. The reason is also I am a C4S producer too (rather successful in my chosen categories, I might add… as is Sarah) but, as you will know… being a producer via C4S really doesn’t compare to being a truly independent producer (this is why C4S takes 40%) and they cover hosting, customer support, billing and ease of uploading and look after you, even with some promotional tools… the list to help newbies and amateurs is endless.
    I have also done custom work for other producers, like you have… and also DA does NOT have an affiliate program which is one of the prerequisites. You’ll find people like myself and other promoters much more receptive if you don’t use our traffic for free. It’s that simple. Every year I (or Brushstrokes previously) would get this from people, it’s a thankless task. Your sites aren’t included because they don’t qualify. However, I can confirm that you and Stevie WILL be nominated in the spanking categories.

    This is nothing personal, these are the rules.

    P.S. Yes, Kyle… I got your nominations (not votes) as I do with many others who prefer to nominate in private. Thank you.

  28. David, The Pet would be too late for this year’s nominations so I will contact you about the “Dark Dance of the Heart” series of films soon. But I need one film title and one only which you liked above all to submit and why you think it will win.

  29. Tim, no, you can not nominate my blog, as it is hosting the awards: or AAA Spanking (this year, at least) as it is still too close to me but I think next year it can be considered since it is part of the Sarah Gregory group of sites now ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Cannot comment on all but

    Producer lifetime Pandora Blake
    Most improved/best website dreams of spanking
    male spanker Paul Kennedy

  31. โ—พSpanking blog โ€“ News style – Chross
    โ—พSpanking blog โ€“ Creative – Erica Scott
    โ—พBest Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular)- Stevie Rose
    โ—พBest Spanking newcomer
    โ—พFemale Spanker – Audrey Knight
    โ—พMale Spanker – Richard Windsor
    โ—พFemale Spankee – Mandie Rae
    โ—พ*New โ€“ Spankee Lifetime Award Eve Howard
    โ—พ*New โ€“ Producer Lifetime Award Ed West
    โ—พMost Improved Spanking Site 2015 Punished Brats
    โ—พBest Spanking Site 2015 – Firm Hand Productions

  32. I can’t believe no one has called Snow Mercy for Spanker of the year. She’s the all time best.

  33. Seems to me that spanking is spanking, and I don’t understand why a dedicated website is necessary in order to win an award for it. Your additional prerequisite that any nominated site must share it’s revenue through an affiliate program seems even less significant, and a detail most of your readers do not understand nor concern themselves with. If this is truly about spanking, neither should you.

    Additionally, Dreams of Spanking was in existence in 2015, so it should be eligible for consideration.

    I’m voting for Kyle Johnson for everything, including best subject of spanking commentary in a pirates den.

  34. Michael. I had already petitioned readers in the past over C4S and other clip store formats. For a producer it is the laziest and least customer friendly format though I understand why some people choose this method. Your concerns are noted but there was no interest before … suddenly everyone bitches. *sigh*

    You will be happy to know that your hero Kyle is nominated but not in best spankee or most talked about in a pirate den (though I might give him a run for his money in that one… lol).

    And to shut people up moaning I will have a surprise additional nomination category during the voting process and see how it goes.

    Please read comments about Pandora’s site… she will get an honorary mention and award for services to spanking. Ok?


  35. Best Newcomer: Cupcake SinClair
    Best Spankee Facial Expression: Cupcake SinClair
    Spankee Lifetime Award: Alex Reynolds

  36. My nominations are Cutiepies blog ,Spanking Blogg , best f. spanker Veronica Ricci ,facial expression Audrey ,new spankee Belinda ,spankee lifetime award ,Chelsea, Producer David Pierson most improved Firm Hand spanking ,best site Spanked Sweeties ,best , Tim .

  37. Thanks to the few awesome people who included me in their nominations! That’s so sweet, I truly appreciate it! Here are my picks for a few categories:

    Best spanking newcomer: Ami Mercury (Punished Brats)
    Best female spankee: Mandie Rae & Adriana Evans
    Best female spanker: Veronica Bound
    Best Creative spanking blog: Erica Scott’s
    Best Spanking Site 2015: Punished Brats
    Best spankee lifetime award: Me (just kidding) Adriana Evans

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