Spanking Awards: Best Creative Blog 2015

The “Spanking Awards 2015” has begun!

As a rule, most categories will be open for a few weeks on average… then the results are announced, categories to vote on will come throughout the month of December and even a few in early January. I will try to keep you updated as to when the voting nears an end in each category so do come back and check the blog… I will usually try to post news and links to all active voting categories at the time of writing other stories and updates that this blog normally does. Remember this is a bit of fun so enjoy these awards for what they are. This is a lot of hard work and every year I get hassle so please remember this! When the final categories have all been released, voted on and the results are shown I will post (next January – the full list of Placements like I for last year’s awards!) Good luck to all those nominated over th enext month or so!



It’s exciting to see the collection of blogs chosen but out of these only 10 could be voted on and these are below. There are some “new faces” and varied entries this year, please do go check each and every blogger out, these are all excellent blogs in their own field. I am 100% behind the choice of blogs made… you people have such fine taste! All the blogs are shown in alphabetical order and in no personal preference by myself. Click the image or text link to check out the various blogs (personal, lifestyle, creative writing, artisitic and so on). This is going to be a hard category to vote on this year!

Alex in Spankingland


Casey McKay


Consensual Spanking


Dave Wolfe – Wolfietoons


erica scott: life love and spanking
Erica Scott: Life Love & Spanking


Hermione’s Heart


Ludwig’s Rohrstock-Palast


My Bottom Smarts


Pandora Blake


Tim the Tum


I hope you took a good look at the 10 blogs featured here, please let everyone know that the first of the voting processes are open and SPREAD THE WORD! Please place the vote for the blog you want to win (below)…. Next up will be the News/Update Spanking Blogs in a few days time.

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16 thoughts on “Spanking Awards: Best Creative Blog 2015

  1. I hate to see Consensual Spanking on this list, as all the images on their blog are used without credit to the original poster, often going out of their way to remove watermarks and fictionalize the names of people. Hardly a blog of the year in my opinion.

  2. I understand, I can’t change it now. These were the nominations. I did say that the blog entries were underrepresented but these 10 made the grade. People have had a month to spread the word, likewise on EVERY category and I have tried to tell you which ones were least nominated on!

  3. First, thanks for including my blog in the list. I have never visited your site,and only found about this vote today.
    The main purpose of my blog is to show that men can be spanked in a consensual, loving way, as part of a lifestyle, not as a master / slave, or even a dominate / submissive relationship. Please look at the top right of my blog that states Red’s spankings. (i just counted and their are 114 listed, but I no longer write about each and every spanking I receive, nor of the infrequent times when Cindy is spanked (but she is occasionally spanked, to a much lighter degree than my spankings). I only started the list of my spankings a little less than 3 years ago, but Cindy has been spanking me on my request (originally), for more than twelve years, and we have been happily married for more than 40 years. She now spanks whenever she decides it is necessary.
    I try to show different positions, implements,locations (hotel room/ cabin on a cruise ship), fantasies, men wearing panties, pegging, and other consensual ideas, and mostly ideas for readers to maybe try someday, and provide positive reinforcement to a spanking lifestyle!
    This is done NOT FOR PROFIT, but to help a couple enhance their love, happiness, solve problems, and have great sex. All photos of my spanked bottom, or our implements are REAL!
    Lastly, and sorry to write so much, I take photos from tumblrs mostly, which have no links to where they were originally posted. If I take a number of photos from one tumblr, then I post a link to that tumblr.
    Sadly, and I don’t mind criticism, it usually comes in the form of anonymous, someone who cannot take the time to make an alternate email, use it judiciously so that it never links to their real email/ facebook,etc. Even sadder, it seems you agreed with it. Please look beyond the pictures to see the lifestyle that I expound to my regular readers,
    One other thought: although you have the category : most popular female spankee, I see you missed most popular MALE spankee
    bottoms up

  4. Red. In regards to male spankee… if you had read the nominations process from last year then I tried to champion this but met with massive indifference and few nominations so dropped it this year.

    I am open to all forms of consensual spanking and like your blog. I noted the previous request and in fact know what you mean about Tumblr bloggers removing watermarks… it is a real nuisance when stuff gets reblogs without credit to who made the images possible in the first place. Anyway… if I thought your blog did not deserve to be here in the final list I’d have chosen another and you made it so plenty people like your style.

    Thanks for finding this blog!
    Good luck to you and your fellow nominees. 🙂

  5. Wow, I’ve just seen that quite a few people have been coming over from your site to ours and so I decided to have a look what this was all about. Thanks a lot to those who nominated us! That’s something I definitely wouldn’t have expected to happen.

    Not sure how your readers will like our mixture of M/F, F/M (and sometimes M/M and F/F), our amateur videos, private exploits, philosophical ramblings and picture posts. What I am really proud of, though, is that our content is based on our own thoughts and writing, our own creative videos and photo sets, so being nominated as best creative blog is indeed great.

    I don’t think we have any chance to make it among the winners, since there are so many well-known creative bloggers among the nominees, but maybe the one or other reader discovers a piece of writing or a video on our blog that was previously unknown to them and which they like.

  6. I just wanted to put down in a few words my thanks for the nomination, which took me entirely by surprise.

    My blog mainly features women being spanked, although there are F/M posts and pictures; I love to switch when I get the chance to play.

    My blog has been dormant for a chunk of this year, although it’s been updated at least 5 times a week for the last month or so, and will continue to be. My posts are a mix of new stories that I have written (the reason that I started the blog in the first place), interviews with spanky related folks (several of which are coming soon), opinion pieces and any excuse I can find to post pictures of spanking, especially if they can be used to promote some of the fine sites out there.

    Anyway, I am rambling on (as I am prone to do), so I’d just like to offer huge thanks to anyone who nominated me, and to anyone who chooses to vote for me.

    Good luck to all of my fellow bloggers. And thanks again – more thanks can never hurt, right?

  7. Wow. Thank you, Chief, for including my humble blog in your competition. There are many outstanding blogs on the list and I am certain that the winner will be very deserving.

    Thank you as well to the person or people who nominated MBS. I haven’t been as active in recent years, but my blog still feels like home. I am grateful for everyone who comes to visit and enjoy the blogrolls.

    Best of luck to all of the bloggers!

  8. Hi John: no problem,mate. The little thing that slightly ticked me off was your response for someone objecting to my blog in the list: “I understand, I can’t change it now. These were the nominations.’ Thanks for leaving my blog on the list of nominees.
    bottoms up

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