Spanking Awards Results – Best Female & Male Spankers 2015

The next results are in for this year’s Spanking Awards 2015… As voted for by you! Both categories were very competitive this year and all finalists received significant votes… this has been a hugely popular category for the “Spankers” this year. So I’ll go with ladies first (the top placings) followed by their male counterparts:







2nd snowmercy


3rd misschris

Congratulations to Sarah Gregory for retaining top spot but this was a hard fought battle with sizeable votes to new entries this year, Snow Mercy & Miss Chris!







2nd Paul Kennedy

3rd – DALLAS


It’s worth noting that Dallas pipped last year’s winner, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers by just 2 votes! This was close! Well done Dallas… and to ALL finalists in both categories for making this such an interesting Poll! The full results breakdown are below.

Best Female Spanker 2015

Best Male Spanker 2015

16 thoughts on “Spanking Awards Results – Best Female & Male Spankers 2015

  1. It is perfectly clear that most of the nominees for your awards are in the little spanking click you are apart of. I do appreciate you taking the time to do this. But come on and give me a break. Sarah Gregory your sub, and other playmates and workers of yours are always the ones who win. Stupid!! Seems to me this is just to give ‘your peeps’ promotional tribute.

  2. Yawn… Right, I’ll bite since I am drunk and saw this ignorant shit come through on my phone.
    I knew this would happen. Like last year – I cringed when she won a few categories thinking idiots like you would moan saying I was helping her. But you know what? Sarah is fucking good at what she does! She really is! Yes, Sarah is my partner, so what? Should I exclude her when she was winning awards BEFORE on another site? Of course not! She is a very well known spanking personality.

    Grow THE FUCK UP!

    I’m sick of you anonymous wankers throwing shit, so easy for you, isn’t it?

    oh… and I have seen her at work, naturally. She is a very good professional top to both men and women.
    I’m not embarrassed she won, she really is that good! I don’t know Snow Mercy all that well – just from a few spanking parties – I like her, I’ve seen her play… and she came a close second, I don’t know Michael Masterson at all but I admire him and I think he probably deserved to win… and he won best spanker. I don’t know the guy from Consensual Spanking who won the best creative blog etc etc…. Alex is a good friend and she “only” made 3rd… what the fuck are you on? I asked for nominations in all categories and these were the nominations I received both in mails (naturally as many wish to remain anonymous) and by comments left as advised.

    By the way, nominations for clips stores have dried up, hardly any emails and what you see on the blog post, it’s not enough. I won’t run it if it stays like that as I had said no one gave a shit. prove me wrong and nominate. You are all so easy to criticise, aren’t you? Maybe next year I won’t fucking bother and we’ll have a void like we did in 2013. I’ll probably regret this in the morning but I will leave whatever i write as it is what I really mean as I am sick of the pathetic sniping.

    I am opening up a new section, a few actually, in order to be open, how much more fucking transparent should I get?
    Don’t like it? Jesus wept. Do it yourself, try to find decent pics of the people to try and be fair, spend HOURS and hours on each section.
    Get off my blog if you want to complain like this – fucking ignorant beyond words.

    Happy New Year!

    PS. It’s clique… not “click”. Stupid.

  3. Don’t regret this in the morning, John. Don’t regret it, ever. It needed to be said. Enough already.

    Congratulations to the winners, and again, THANK YOU for doing this.

  4. Erica, I love a good drink to celebrate, LOL! It was only one of my “lupine fans” from one of the online sanitoriums, I should have guessed how incredibly lame that was! heh heh!
    “Shannon’s” reply (which isn’t here) only confirmed that.

    Lame assholes and terrorists aside…

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone – I enjoyed my rant, very therapeutic!!

  5. John, I finished third in my category, and, to the best of my recollection, I have never met you or Sarah. I have communicated with each of you on occasion, but, hey, that happens when folks blog or share an interest in the same genre. Naysayers will always be out there. Your efforts are to be applauded. IMO, they help the community.

  6. Yay! So excited to hold this title two years in a row. Thank you to all my fans and supporters. I love you all. I wouldn’t be here doing what I love without you guys.
    Hugs and Spanks, Sarah

  7. yay Sarah well done:-) I was hoping she would win.She is beautiful,strict and a pleasure to watch being spanked (my fav) and doing the spanking 🙂
    Micheal spanks too hard for my taste but well done to both winners and thankyou very much Chief for you effort in the 2015 awards!!!

    happy new year


  8. Sarah Sarah congrats on winning best f. spanker and Snow and Chris .Young Sarah is John s girl friend but she is a very busy young girl working on her 2 spanking sites so she deserves to be a contender on John s completion so stop that nonsense please or they ll be spanked botties for New Year ,Happy New Year to both of you chums from Tim .

  9. Could it be Sarah won because she had the most votes, well fancy that.

    Thanks Chief for all your work and a happy new year

  10. I always hate those who hide behind a screen and complain. Though Sarah wasn’t my first choice I do congratulate her for winning in a group that was hard to choose from.

    Everyone should be making the winner feel good about a win. It’s not fair to Sarah to have someone try and ruin her win.

  11. Thanks for the votes. As far as the cliques, I do not know anyone nominated except Betty. Hell, I have never even been to a play party. Thanks for putting this together, it was fun to read.

  12. Dear “Shannon”,

    First off, my apologies to John and Sarah. I just get tired of little ninnyhammers who don’t want to do the work to achieve success, but instead just try to pull others down to their level. The same thing happens to people who throw parties or do other things for the Scene. It is a shame that the very people who work the hardest are the targets for losers like “Shannon.”

    Shannon, this is Tubaman, Sarah’s Daddy.

    It seems always that those who know the least open their mouths the widest. Maybe some day you’ll open it wide enough and just fall in.

    If Sarah won her awards because she is involved with John, then he is REALLY good! She has been 1st place in Clips4Sale so many times I have lost count, and has won virtually every award a spanko can win, many before she knew him. Her Lone Star Spanking Party is the fastest growing spanking party on earth, her videos are best-sellers, and she gets paid extraordinarily high fees for her work, and gets constant return business. John! I am impressed!!

    Yep. She, John, and all the rest of the nominees and voters ARE part of a “clique.” It’s the clique that includes: people with a job, people who don’t live with their mother, people who achieve and produce and make the spanking community a better place, people who have the courage to make their statements face-to-face rather than anonymously, people with class . . . I am proud and lucky to be a part of this “clique.”

    John’s a stand-up guy, and he does things right and honest. He is one of the hardest working people in the Scene and this poll serves only one purpose, and that is as a service to the spanking community. Luckily, most grownups take their wins and losses in stride, and show some class. Unfortunately, there will always be folks like you who can’t simply accept losses with any dignity. He deserves better than to have to involve himself with people of your ilk.

    Sarah is the classiest, best woman I know. She personifies the very best that the spanking community has to offer, and I an the proudest Daddy on earth. It is obvious you don’t know her, because anyone with any actual firsthand knowledge (please see paragraph 3) will verify that she is a brilliant, skilled Top, and the sexiest Bottom I have ever known. She placed first this year in the deepest, most remarkable list of Female Tops I have ever seen. All of them class all the way. Follow their example.

    About John’s suggesting you may not be the brightest person who ever put pen to paper, I read your correspondence. You said John “stumped” right down to your level. In the first place, it is “stooped”. In the second place, that basically states that your “level” is already lower than his. Thirdly, the only way John could possibly stoop to your level would be if we removed half his brain. He wasn’t insulting you; he was simply stating a fact.

    Look at how the other nominees, the class of the Scene, respond. They set the example. Try following it.

    John said it best. Grow up.

    And tell your Mommy I said “Hi.”

    John, Sarah, hang in there and don’t let the little twats get you down. And thank you, both, for all you do.

    Paul (Tubaman)

  13. Sarah, my beloved BabyGirl, I am so proud of you! Congratulations!

    Michael, congratulations! I have been a fan of your work for years.

    And we REALLY need to do something about that “never been to a play party” thing.

    Again, my heartfelt congratulations to both the winners and to the most remarkable list if nominees I have ever seen.

  14. Oh heaven’s above – these moaners!! I saw a fantastic film Sarah G did as a duo with Pandora B in autumn last year for a relatively unknown site, which I won’t name. But suffice to say I reckon she fully deserves the high rating, she (and Ms B) was superb.

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