Spanking News Update Blog 2015 Winner


WINNER – Best News Update Spanking Blog 2015


CHROSS – Spankologist & Chronologist



Runner Up – Cherry Red Report

2nd cherryred


3rd – All Things Spanking


Full results are below – A big well done to all of those nominated, remember you were the Top 10 to be nominated! Let’s find some more new interesting blogs to read and vote again on next year! A big well done to Chross who maintained his Lion’s share of the vote with an increased number of blogs this year to choose from!

Best News Style Update Blog 2015

5 thoughts on “Spanking News Update Blog 2015 Winner

  1. I have been WAY out of touch for several weeks over the holidays, and had no knowledge that All Things Spanking placed third in the News Update category until a few moments ago. I am thrilled to have garnered such a vote considering the high quality of all nominees in this category. Congratulations to Chross and Dave for their first and second place finishes, respectively. As for All Things Spanking, the true credit goes to my readers who keep coming back, and to those who forward information to me. Happy New Year to everyone, and “keep those paddles popping!”

    My best,

    Mitch Philbin

  2. Dani Daniels has appeared at many films for Chelsea’s goodspanking website way before 2015. She isn’t new… she also didn’t make the cut for the final nominations in that category anyway as perhaps others knew they had seen her before? However, you will be glad to know that Dani is nominated in the female spankee (coming next) and Firm Hand are using her for their producer chosen film/series… these will be available to vote on soon.

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