Spanking Awards Presentation

Last night here in Las Vegas, a presentation was made to those attendees at a private spanking party (hosted by Joe, DrLectr on Fetlife) – they all received some handsome trophies from the 2015 Spanking Awards (that he had made for this ocassion) and recognition in front of those attending… below are just a couple of pics that I put together from last night, this was in the hallway of the hotel we’re at! I have to rush as there is the “Judicial Punishment” event starting.

I’m sure most of you will know the people in the images below: I was in one pic, but just holding an award for Sarah as it was too heavy for her (lol!)

Hope you are all having a great weekend, I know we are here in Las Vegas! 🙂

awards1 awards2 awards3

6 thoughts on “Spanking Awards Presentation

  1. John nice to see my spanky friends having a great time congrats to the winners better luck next time to the others ,best from Tim every one there looking smart .

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