Best Facial Expression in a Spanking – Results

Results and the final category for “Producer’s Choice” will be coming thick and fast this week, so as always, make sure your vote counts in all the remaining categories that are open HERE


Today, I have the pleasure of announcing the winner for the Best Facial Expression… this was an interesting contest and closleey fought at the top, as you’ll see! (& again, a couple of votes meant 4th or 5th spot!)







Click on images (above) to see the larger clearer resolution of the top placed ladies!

Full results are below, well done to all those nominated ahead of many more who didn’t make the cut in what is proving to be a very competitive category!

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Don’t forget that there will be an official SpankingBlogg Awards Presentation to the winners and those who place for all categories at this year’s Lone Star Spanking Party later this year in May. Check the website for full details and how to register, sign up and book your hotel room! (party rates apply, naturally)

8 thoughts on “Best Facial Expression in a Spanking – Results

  1. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me! This was truly a surprise and an honor…I’m happy and flattered beyond words! Xo, Audrey

  2. Audrey congrats on your award on John s super competition lovey ,best spanks from Tim and to the others x

  3. Absolutely perfect sight for a spanking aficionado. Flawless. I understand you spend more time on the other end of a spanking, but on that end of it you are absolutely beautiful. Makes a fella want to travel to Philadelphia.

  4. Thanks Tim, Anna and Rick for your sweet comments! Don’t worry, Rick, though I don’t mind dishing out a punishment or two, I’d prefer being taken over your knee.

  5. Hey Audrey. I think u do great especially otk. Too bad I couldn’t find a deserving girl like you to spank. Does it hurt as bad as you make it seem and what was your most painful otk spanking on camera

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